Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 2008!!

Happy Nu Yeer ebereeone! Mi gudness, where haz dis yeer gone? So much has happened diz yeer. I found owt dat I kan get awong wif anudder dawg in my howz, wurked on finding more ob my inner cairn self, learned to pway wif toys more dan I eber tot I wud, got mi furst pwofessional gwooming, recovered fwom a corneal ulcer!!

My mom and dad are tinking abowt fostering anudder cairn in a fu monfs or maybe adopting me a brudder--I'm tinking fostering is bedder---caws den dat dawg won't stay here fur always!

Enyway, hope all my fwiends have a safe and happy Ny Yeer!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Fosser Brudder Went to His Fureber Home!!

Today mommie and daddie and Tibo weft de hows togedder and weft me here at home. Dey met a sweet wady who is going to be Tibo's fureber momma, and she wubbed ourTibo! She wooked into hiz big bwown eyez and she waz eben more in wubz wif him dan she waz just seeing his piktures. Mommie and daddie and I hab wurked so hard to help Tibo be weady for a fureber home, we all are pwaying dat dis is de wight home for him, and we tink it is! Dis wady iz bery nise and gentle and pasient, and she unnerstandz dat Tibo still haz some tings to wurk on fwom being in dat puppy mill for ober 4 yeers. Tibo has a widdle cairn sister named Sandy, too, just adopted fwom a shelter a cuple ob monfs ago, too. His momma e-maled mommie tonight and said dat Tibo and Sandy are getting awong gud, Tibo haz been enjoying wunning awound in de bak yard, and he's expworing de house wif his bewwy band on for now! And, he putz his pawz up on her neez for sum wubbingz. Dat made mommie cry, cause she felt wike it showed dat Tibo knowz he's wubbed in his nu home.

Happy fureber widdle Tibo, we will alwayz remember yu and wub yu! We hope yur nu momma will keep in touch!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

I haz sumfing kalled a fosser brudder!!

His name is T-Bone, but daddy didn't wike dat name much soz we kallz him Tibo (widdle brudder in Wussian). He's a pwetty widdle wheaton boi wif bwack tipped eers and he wuks wike he haz purfect maskara awound hiz eyez! He iz a 4 yeer old puppy mill boi, just into Col Potter's care. He came to our howz on Wednesday nite. He'z doing gud, he'd neber been on a weash and neber pottie twained and neber krate twained b4 eder. He'z doing gud on all dat, but he'z grrr-snapped at ME at cuple of timez when I've twied to sniff him. Mommie and daddy hab ordered an ex-pen so'z we can get to know each oder wifout actually BEING togedder (dis is one ob Col Potter's suggestions).

Mommie and daddy had been wowwied dat I mite not wiek anudder pup in my howz, but so far I'm ok, I know I'm still de top dawg!!

Here's a couple ob pikturez ob dat Tibo guy!



Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Gotz Gwoomed -- By a Real Gwoomer!!

Mudder tot dat dis wud be a gud ieeea. She hadn't had time to do dis in a wong time, pwus she wanted de fur between my paw pads twimmed. So, dey made appointment wif de gwoomer at my vet's offise. Dis wady waz bery nise to mi and she gabe me a baf and I came home wooking wike a Cairn, not a bwack Westie or someting else. Mudder was pweased. Now she kan keep me twimmed for a while in between and take me back egin in maybe 6 monfs of so. Here's a pikture ob me taken abter yesterday's gwoom job. Mudder wantz to kiss my tummy!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Portrait!!

A wooferful, deer fwiend ob mommie and daddie offered to paint my pawtrait, so mommie tuk wotz and wotz ob pikturez ob me until dis fwiend cud find one to use, and dis pawtrait waz dewivered yezterday. Mommie n daddie are thrilled wif dis permanent pikture ob me, mommie callz it a tweasure!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm a Cairn Princess!

Ohhh, the indignity of it all, mom put a DRESS on me! I was NOT a happee grrl, to say de weast ob it. But, momma kept saying how cute I wukked!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cookie Bumstead....

Cookie made my mah-ahm laugh this morning. She thinks this pikture is so cute!! Cookie iz one ob de 8 Bumstead puppies resently born to Blondie wile in dat Col Podder's kare. I let mah-ahm share dis pikture eben dough dis widdle gurl is nowhere az cute as I am!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Manpurse Stroll......

for my best fella Vinny and his brudder Ozzie. Dey bof hab been bery sick doggies, Vinny wif liber failure and Ozzie wif kidney failure, suddenly at de same time. Der hoomanz hab been heartbwoken, but de are duing eberting possible to help deze sweet boiz. Vinny has a majical manpurse on seberal ob de bords he bewongz to on Dogster, so his fwiendz started a manpurse "stroll" for deze boiz, and here is my "manpurse" pikture for my boi!

De boiz r eeting bedder now, so we r hoping dat maybe sum of de tingz de vet purson and der mudder and fadder r twying r helping dem.

Hope eberyone has had a safe and happee Labor Day holiday. I'm going underneef de end table egin, it's stawting to thunder owtside.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


I know it seems wike I am aways tawking bowt thunderstorms, but it seems wike we are aways habbing dose nastee tings here in SE TX! We hab had dem almost ebery day dis week, not awl day, but ebery day! Wast nite we wost ewectricitee wif dat storm, too. Means no A/C, so it waz hot and dark in dis hows. Dat was mizerabel.

De wedder pursons say dis is going to be happening awl weekend, but at weast my hoomans will be home wif me through Monday.

And, Mom bot a new car three weeks ago, a Honda FIT, and I actually LIKE riding in it, for some reason I don't shake and pant riding in it like I always did in the CRV and in Dad's CRV. Who knowz why not?

Well, it'z de end of summer offisiallee dis weekend, I can't beweive it. Eberyone have a safe and happy holiday!


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blondie and Dagwood's Pups........

Mom belongs to Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network, I was one of their rescues from a puppy mill. Col Potter brought in a young pair of cairns about 3 weeks ago, knowing that Blondie was going to have pups. Last Saturday Blondie had 8 puppies via c-section and mom and pups are doing well. We wanted to share a picture of 2 day old cairn puppies!

Cassie-role, a proud "auntie"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thunder, Thunder Everywhere!!!!

It's been waining and waining and tundering and tundering almost ebery day for wat seems to be weeks and weeks. I hab my anxiety wrap, and dat heps, but I'm still NOT a happee corn dog. Pwus wif all dis wain I habn't gotten my usual kwota of nice wawkees wif my fadder eder.

I am hiding underneef de end table wile I diktate dis bwop update to mudder.

Hope eberyone has had a gud weekend. Mudder and fadder were home all weekend wif me, and datz alwayz a gud ting.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Summertime - at least the weather thinks so!

It is so hot here in SE Texas, it feels like it's July, not June! Even I don't mind taking shorter wawkies, caws I getz zo bery warm owtside now. It'z eben bery warm in de mornings wen mudder wawks me befor she goez to wurk.

We habn't doing a wot awound here, just taking it eezy dis weekend. At weast de hoomanz hab been home wif me, and I wike dat a wot.


Friday, April 27, 2007

My Mom Spent the Weekend with Some Other Corn Terrors!

Mi mommie spent wast weekend in Biwoxi, MS at some ting called a CRAP! What is a CRAP? It is Cairn Rescue Annual Party. It is a fund wazer for Col Potter Cairn Rescue, which is the rescue organization dat gotz me owt of dat awful puppy mill in August 20o5. My mommie is a HSV coordinator for dem, too, so she awong wif wotz ob oder hoomans continue to wurk at getting wubbing homes for more corn terrors wike me.

Some ob de hoomans brot der corn terrors wif dem, and dis is a pikture ob just a few ob dem. Mommie weft me at home wif daddie, where bof ob us were happier dan wif wotz ob oder doggies and hoomans dey don't know.

Mommie sed dat doze oder corn terrors were pwetty, but being dat she wubz me, none were pwettier dan I am!!

Daddie and me were awfuwwy gwad to see Mommie when she gotz home, but de CRAP was fun for her and a big successful fund wazer for Col Potter.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Storms -- hmmmmmpppppphhhhhh!

It is spring storm season heer in TX, and wite now I'z hiding behind dat cowch tingie! We hab hab bery stormy and noizy wedder dis morning and I weally don't wike it one widdle bit.

I hope dat dis wedder goez way weal sun, eben dough I know mudder and fadder will pwotect me.

Here's a picture ob what our storm cwouds kinda wooked wike today, eben dough mudder tuk dis pikture a few dayz ago in anudder bad storm in Huston.



Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Almost Baseball Season....

so my mudder decided to put an Astros cap on me and dis bat/ball in de pikture caws she's a big baseball fan. Oh, what we pups do for our hoomans!!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm NOT Happy with my Mom!

Well, my mom haz been at it egin. She gwoomed me dis morning and she sayz I wuk "pwetty" now. I tot I wuked just fine BEFORE she did all dat to me, and as yu can tell in dis pikture, I waz not happee wit her one widdle bit.
Wat we wet our hoomanz do to us!!
Oh well, it'z oberwit now and mom is happee!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mudder and Fadder Are Webing Me Today!

Mudder and fadder r webing me at home today wile day take a wong widdle dwibe. Dey are going to hep anudderwiddle corn terror dawg come into Col Potter Corn Terror Rescue's woving arms.

Dis widdle girl is an "owner surrender" and she's starting up in de Dallas, TX awea, den to Mexia, TX, den to Madisonville, TX were mudder and fadder will pik her up and dey will take her to Beaumont, TX where de foster momma will pik her up and take her to Lake Charles, LA. She's a bee-uu-tee-ful widdle gurl fwom wat we know, wheaton with black tip ears, and a tiny girl, 13 lbs. I weigh 18 lbs and I'm a widdle girl myself!

Enyway, I don't much wike widing in a behicle, so I will stay home and comfy until the hoomans come home.

Wishing dem a safe twip and a happy new beginning for widdle Dweemer gurl!

Your fwiend,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

De Wedder is Finally Nice for a While!

Well, guess we shudn't komplane here in TX bowt de wedder abter seeing all de weportz fwom our fwiends in CO and OH and MO and NY, but it'z been kind ob cold and wainy heer for wat seemz wike weekz and weekz!!

Enyway, I gotz a nise wong walkie wit my daddy egin yesderday, and wit de niser wedder, der were mice and wabbits owt expworing, too! I had gweat fun chasing dem.

Den dis morning wen mommie tuk me owtside, der was a nice fat wobin wawking along our wawkway! I stared at it, it stared at me, den it wawked away, and I continued my wawkie with mommie. I don't chase burds much, I'm smart enuff to knowz I pwoblee can't katch doez tings, so why bodder??

Anyway, hope eberyone is habing a gud weekend.

Your buddy,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mommie's Been at It Again.......

Mommie said I was looking like a "shaggy" woof and she cudn't see my eyes, so it waz time for a "gwooming" egin. I don't care much for dat kind ob ting, but she insistz sumtimes. She onwy did my face, ears, and beerd so far, but heer's a pikture ob me wit me acshuallee wuking into dat fwashee kamera ting and yu can see my eyes!!

Your fwiend,


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Eberybuddy!

Well, my sckretary has not taken an entry for me here in a while, so I finely made her sit here wile I write a note! Can yu beweive itz almost Valentine's Day? Wow, time is sure going fast!

It'z been cold here, and we didn't hab heet in dis howz for 5 dayz caws a part bwoke on de heeting system. BBBRRRRR. I kind of wiked do cool howz, but de hoomanz wurn't zo happee!! I zoomed and pwayed and had a gud time.

Hope eberybuddy has a happee Valentine's Day!!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Think I Could Learn to Like Wearing Clothes!!

Happy New Year to eberyone! Hope dat yu had a safe a bwessed one.

Mommy and me bewong to a widdle gwup ob doggies and der hoomans, and dey exchanged Secwet Santa gibts, except dat the hooman who dwew mi name didn't du it! It waz noffing aginst me pewsonally, we tink dat dey are just wude peeple caws dey didn't eben tank de peeple who sent dem DER Secret Santa gibt, eder!!

Enywayz, sum peeple in de grup felt bad caws we gotz stud up, and dey sentz us some Happy New Year Baby prezents, lotz ob goodies and toiz and eben diz bee-uu-tee-ful pink sweater! It fitz me pawfectly, and I lukz so pwetty in in dat der may be more cwothes in my future!!

Tanks so much to bof my Happy New Year Baby fwiends, dat was so kind ob dem, and we will alwayz wemember der kindness!!