Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Fosser Brudder Went to His Fureber Home!!

Today mommie and daddie and Tibo weft de hows togedder and weft me here at home. Dey met a sweet wady who is going to be Tibo's fureber momma, and she wubbed ourTibo! She wooked into hiz big bwown eyez and she waz eben more in wubz wif him dan she waz just seeing his piktures. Mommie and daddie and I hab wurked so hard to help Tibo be weady for a fureber home, we all are pwaying dat dis is de wight home for him, and we tink it is! Dis wady iz bery nise and gentle and pasient, and she unnerstandz dat Tibo still haz some tings to wurk on fwom being in dat puppy mill for ober 4 yeers. Tibo has a widdle cairn sister named Sandy, too, just adopted fwom a shelter a cuple ob monfs ago, too. His momma e-maled mommie tonight and said dat Tibo and Sandy are getting awong gud, Tibo haz been enjoying wunning awound in de bak yard, and he's expworing de house wif his bewwy band on for now! And, he putz his pawz up on her neez for sum wubbingz. Dat made mommie cry, cause she felt wike it showed dat Tibo knowz he's wubbed in his nu home.

Happy fureber widdle Tibo, we will alwayz remember yu and wub yu! We hope yur nu momma will keep in touch!


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