Saturday, March 29, 2014


Da momma and da daddy are headed up to Centerville, TX in a while to pick up and BRING HOME anudder corn dawg!    Dey say we are fostering him.  Hmmmmm.....fosters like me, Hunter, and Defi hab been known to become members ob da furmily around here when all's said and done.   So, we will see!!

Edmund is a black brindle almost 9 year old corn dawg that is in Camp Lone Star Rescue, a rescue started by the lady who brought ME into mamma and daddy's lives.   His mamma died, his daddy tried to take care of him and his lab sister, but eventually they all moved in with dad's daughter and furmily, and it was determined that Edmund and his sister had to leave with kids and dogs already in the household.    Miss Judy picked both of them up and found a rescue for the lab sister and took Edmund into CLSR!  He had heartworms and has been successfully treated and she says he's a sweet gentleman!!

Well, I have gotten along with all the boy fosters we've had, mama better not bring any other GIRL dawgs in this house though.  Hunter gets along as long as it's not a big dog, and Defi just kinda ignores other dawgs.

So, will letcha know how it goes with Edmund!

Lubz, Cassie-role

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Communicating Wiff Us!

Da momma has decided to take an animal communications Sunday!   She is interested to see if she can find out lots of things about all three of us, and if not, then she just doesn't have the "gift" whatsoever.    From what she understands everyone has this but they don't know how to tap into it!

We will letcha know how it all comes out!

In the meantime we're all just chilling out here, it's thundering and storming here right now.

Hope everypup is having a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cold Then Warm Then Cold Then Warm......

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to MAKE UP HER MIND!   We keep goin from winter to spring to winter to spring!   Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees here, today it was only in the 60's and tomorrow morning it's gonna be in the 30's.

Mom and dad are soooooo ready for spring to come and stay, and we pups are, too.  

Mom's been busy at the pet sitting company with spring break on us, lots of people need sitters and her company is short handed right now!

As for us pups, we're enjoying life in general, keeping dad busy walking us as much as we can get him to go outside with us.

Anyhow, not much exciting happening, just wanted to tell my furriends howlo.