Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike

So Hurricane Ike paid SE Texas a bisit, and it has changed de fase of dis part ob de world fur a wong time to come. De pawrents wived in Huston when Hurricane Alicia came thru, and it did not cause nearly the damage or cause nearly as much heartache as did this Ike guy. We camped out in a hotel room de nite dat Ike came roaring ashore...living in a double wide mobile home, de pawrents decided discretion was the better pawt of valour! So, they watched the winds howl and the rain blow from a hotel room window and prayed that we would have a home to come back to. Fortunately (for us) Ike made a bit of a direct northerly track once onshore instead of the projected path, and that 20-30 miles made a world of difference for us. Our home was not damaged, not even the satellite TV dish or the internet dish, but we did come home to no electricity or water since without electricity we have no water with a water well! We were without power and water until yesterday morning....the hoomans were seeming to be more than a bit stressed! Our hearts hurt for every hooman and every pup who lost their homes and/or business....but Texans are a resilient bunch, and we would bet on Galveston and the other devastated areas coming back as good as or better than before.