Saturday, July 19, 2008

Company's A-Coming!

Mommy's been so dog-gone busy this summer at wurk....she hasn't had much time to post here for me and Hunter....but I told it's about time!

We haven't done much real exciting this's so hot outside we haven't even gone to the park again lately. Our walks are much shorter than me and the Hunter would like, too, but the hoomans say we'd get too over heated (I think they mean THEY get over heated).

But, next weekend we are supposed to have some bisitors...Smoke and Tess (mini dachsies) and their mah-ahm are supposed to be here Saturday and Sunday-that is, unless the storm that's brewing in the Carribean pays us a visit then. Mom tells us there are rules for us when Smoke and Tess are here....and we must abide by them, among them are...not everything in the house is ours, we can't bite Smoke and Tess's heads off, we can't mark our house, and on and on and on!! Hmmmmpppphhhhhh!

Mom is planning to take a cruise with Smoke and Tess's mah-ahm the end of September and dad will stay home and dog sit with me and Hunter. So, that gives mom something to look forward to while she's working herself into a frenzy during these summer months!!

Anyway, even though not much is happening, glad I finally got mom to post here!