Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hunter and Me Now Share the Bed With the Hoomans....Sometimes!!

Sometimes Hunter and me aktually share de bed wif de hoomans dese dayz. We hab learned dat itz fun to cuddle wif each odder on de bed, and dat duzn't nessarilee leve much woom fur de hoomanz in de familee...but datz der pwoblem!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Invasion of the Eenie Weenies!

So the eenie weenies, Smoke and Tess, and their mah-ahm bisited us wast weekend...and we puppers had SO much fun! We played and chased each udder and bar-arked and had a most wonderful time. De hoomans had been a bit conserned about how we'd do, but it all turned out just fine. De time flew by too fast, and Smoke and Tess and mah-ahm went back home. Mah-ahm will be back in a few weeks as she and my mom will be going on a cruise out of Galveston!