Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Boy, oh, boy!  Whateber happened our usually mild Texas winters????    It's been so unusually chilly here, in fact, it's been downright COLD outside!   Last Friday all of our area was covered in ice, then it warmed up almost to the 70's and then we were in line for more ice on missed us, but the COLD air sure didn't miss!   Momma and Daddy aren't liking this much, but the three of us think it's just fine, after all, we have our own fur coats.

Anyway, tomorrow and Saturday it's supposed to be warm again and then Sunday another cold front.  

With all this crazy weather we're not getting our usual walks, the humans are wimps we say.

Hope all my furriends are staying safe and warm!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Been a LONG Time!

My secretary allowed my blog to lapse for WAYYYYY toooooo long.  

Lots has happened in our furmily since my last post.  Momma was "laid off" from her awful job at the car dealership, our human gramma died, and momma had an acute angle glaucoma attack all causing 4 eye operations in 2012. 

Momma found a job from real "h_____ll" working for a woman who owns a dance studio, and who treated her employees like slave labor in December 2012.  She managed to hang in because we needed the paycheck and blessedly she found a job working for a pet sitting company in December 2013.   She's office manager/scheduler/all around office person there and she LOVES it.   She also gets to play wiff a dobie named Sammie (Samantha) and a Papillion named Gabriel during the day!

We also made Defi a full member of our pack in June of 2013 so now we're a three corn terror family!

Defi and me are 14 years old, but you'd never know we're "seniors" and Hunter turns 9 tomorrow.

Well, now that momma is remembering I do have a blog, I'm gonna make sure she posts for me!