Saturday, December 05, 2009

It snowed here in SE Texas Yesterday

Hunter and me wubbed de wet white stuff....we wanted to pway and pway and pway in it, but mom and dad sed der feet were getting wet and made us go back inside wong befur we wanted to. Here's a pikshure ob me in dat snow stuff!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Card Photo!

So it's dat time ob de yeer egin...Woofmas card foto time. Dis yeer mommie "smartened" up and she Picniked Santa hatz on Hunter n me fur our Woofmas card foto! She sayz we dun't wuk wike we're being whipped wiff a wet noodle diz way! So, heer's our Woofmas card photo for 2009.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Eberyone!

It's Thanksgibing Day egin.....the day we awl wemember eberyting we hab in our wibz to be tankful fur....and in our familee we hab meny tings....Hunter and me are tankful to hab hoomans wu wubz uz and cares fur us and our humanz are healthy and is finelee able to wetire and fur now at weast, mommie still haz a job. And our hooman gramma is in remission wight now wiff her lymphoma, tu. Hope awl our furreindz are habbing happee and safe holiday!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pastel water color portrait of me!

Mommy has a friend who is working at getting good enough to do pastel water paintings of pets to sell them...and she asked if she could do one of me....mommy has attached the pastel she did...and mommy and dad love it!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommie's been trying....

to get good "head shot" pikshures ob Hunter n's getting cwose to dat awful time ob yeer egin....Dogmas card fotos!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mom got that flashy thing out again....

and it wud be just fine wiff mee if she wost it fur gud! I'm not so skared ob it eny more, but I'm not weal happee wen I see it kome owt eder. Enyway.....she tuk a cuple ob ob me chilling owt on de cowch and one ob Hunter n mee.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to Me!!

Today i a speshul day for's my 10th woofday! Mom and dad tewlz me dat dis iz sumting to tonite I'z getting mi bery own hamburger and banilla ise kream kone, and dad tuk me for a long wawk today...just dad and me! 10 yeerz old izn't weal old fur a corn terror, but I'z not a spwing chicken eny more eder. Mom and dad tewlz mee dat dey hopez I will be happee n healthy for a fu more yeers as dey sure wub me wotz.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh the horror....

Mom akshually bot Hunter Punter n mee HOWLOWEEN kostumes and she WEALLY made uz WEAR dem, at weast wong enuff to take our pikshures wiff dem on. She duzn't usually du dese kindz ob tings tu Hunter n mee, but dere waz a charity contest so she tot she'd gib it a twy dis yeer. Az yu can kleerlee see....neder one ob uz waz tu happee wiff her, but she tot we were kute. I waz a "hula gerl" and Hunter a widdle debil!



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hunter and Mom Went on a Road Trip

wiffout mee....sense I duzn't much wike widing in de kar ting n I'm not berry komfortable wiff nu pwaces and peeple, I stayed home wiff daddie. Wast weekend Hunter n mom went up to NE TX and bisited our furriends Smoke n Tess and der Mah-ahm and den dey ALL went to Loosiana and bisited anudder fwiend wiff 6 doggies! AND, der dey also met up wiff uder fwiends bisiting Loosiana who wibs in Birginia. Mom seyz Hunter was a gud boi, a gud widdle twabbeller, and he was gud wiff de uder dawgs and peeple. He did gwowl a cuple ob times wen a dawg got into his fase...but it wazn't a sewious mean gwowl...just more ob a 'gwumble" gwowl! Daddie told mommie dat I "moped" while she n Hunter were gone....and I WAS so happee to see them Sunday ebening. Mom's attaching a couple ob pictures fwom wast ob Hunter meeting a BIG furriend, Moses and den anudder pikture or two.



Saturday, September 05, 2009

Human Gramma is Very Sick

She has been diagnosed wif lymphoma...and she had surgery on Tuezday to wemobe a mass...but she'z refuzing to hab chemo or wadiation to fowwow de surgeon wazn't sure why she wanted de surgery eder den. Mommie went to Waco and stayed wif gramma for de surgery and fur a cuple ob dayz abter...and den she weft gramma in de capable handz ob a fwiend who is an LVN (and waz laid off wecently). So, if I dun't hab a chanse to post fur a while...eberyone pwese keep gramma and mommie in your thoughts and yu will also now why we habn't posted.


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lotz ob our fwiendz hab been posding pweddy pikshurez ob mommie took sum pikshurez ob sum ob de wildflowerz in our yard yesderday. We also had sum weally stwong windz on Fwidan ebening...and der iz a pikshure ob a twee dat bwew ober...we didn't luse eny tweez during Hurrikane Ike...but we did Fwiday nite...go figure!



Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, mommie haz been pwaying wif dat foto editor pwogwam egin...and she kame up wif sumting dat wukz wike paintingz ob Hunter n mee. She weally wikes dese.

We'b been habbing a berry wong, hot summer heer in SE TX.....and it wuked wike we mite hab a herrikane at our door for a wile der, but Ana is gone wifout paying uz a bisit abter awl. We sure du hope no herrikanes pay uz a bisit dis yeer.

Mommie haz been busy goin bak and forth bisiting our gramma....who has been diagnozed wif lymphoma.....but me and Hunter hab been staying home wif daddie...he takes gud kare ob uz, but we're alwayz happee to see mommie wen she comez home!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

V-E-T Visit....

So yesderday da boss wady and boss man woaded Hunter n mee into dat ting wif four wheelz and tuk uz for a dwibe...I dunt wikez widing in dat ting, so I hidz on de fwoor board by de fwont seet. Den we got to dat V-E-T pwace and I gotz my shots and got wuked all ober from head to tale. De V-E-T sed my heart iz weally gud and I seems to be in gud shape fur an almost 10 year old pupper. De onwy consern iz...I somehow hab wost a widdle ober a pound wifout we're going to up my meal sizes for a bit and see if I continue losing weight...could be I'm getting a widdle more exercise and de da boss wady and and boss man are keeping eberyting cwossed.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommie's been playing with a Photo Editor Program Again!

She tukz a pikshure ob Hunter n mee today n she made it into a bwack n wite foto....of hur "sugar n spice" fur kidz az she kallz us!

Itz HOT here in SE TX, so we r spending wotz more time inside dan wat we wud wike, but we dunt complane tu much wen de hoomanz say we hab tu come bak inside eder. We usually find ourselbz a kool pwace in de house and nap out abter our wawks.

Hope eberyone iz habing a gud summer!



Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of July Eberyone!

Happy Independence Day eberyone! Dis iz a day fur all Amewicanz to remember the foundation of our gweat land and what our country stands fur.Hope all our furriends have a safe and happy day!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fadder's Day to my Daddy...

and to awl de daddies owt der. Daddies are bery speshul wubz uz a hole wotz, and dey take such gud kare ob uz. My daddy is one ob my bery faborite peeple is diz hole wide wurld...he gibz me lotz ob skritchez n tummy wubz and tweetz AND he takez me on de bestest walkies awound de land n letz me sniff n dig and roll in dat gwazz.

Enyway....happy fadder's day to my Daddy and to awl de fadders owt der!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm a Mighty Mouse Catcher!

Diz iz de stowee....fur seberal dayz now I'be been sniffing n digging awound dat heeter mommie tot I waz wuking fur a mouse. She asked daddie to pwease set a twap...but he didn't du it. So, diz morning.....dat mouse wan wight out in fwont ob mee, and I gwabbed it. I chewed a cuple ob timez, den I dwopped it and do yu now wat daddie did? He tuk my gweat catch n "dizposed ob it"! I say he owez me a big ole tweet for taking my "catch ob de day"!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Mommie n daddie tewl me dis iz a day to wemember awl ob de bwabe men n women who hab giben der libes to pwotect ebery one ob uz...may dey west in peace and may der famileez be comforted knowing dat dese bwabe humanz died doing what dey wanted to for each and ebery one ob uz.

So, wile we hab our cookowtz and selebwate de beginning ob summer, wet'z also wemember de reazon for dis holiday.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm not a Person in a Doggie Suit?????

So, after Jella weft, I desided dat I needed to be total top dawg heer at home...n mi mommie waz MINE, ALL MINE, ezpeshually wen she waz in de bedwoom!! I snapped at mi bewoved Daddie wen I waz on de bed wif mommie, and I twied nipping at hiz neez wen he wawked tru de bedwoom ifn mommie waz in de woom, AND, one mowning I gwowled at daddie wen he came to say good-bye to mommie befur he weft for wurk. WELLLLL, mommie n daddie fownd diz behavior unakseptable??? I waz put on a Noffing in Wife is Fwee kind of more bed, no more couch, sitting for EBERYTING from being weashed to tweats to meals to being petted!! And, I stawted being cwated at bed-time, tu.'s been abowt tree weekz, and my widdle butt pwopz wen I'm told to sit, AND it'z been seberal dayz since I'be twied nipping at or gwowling at mi daddie. I still don't hab bed pwibileges and mommie n daddie r going to keep cwating me at nite fur a wile.....and, the sitting for eberyting..I'm afwaid dat is a purmanent ting!! I wove mi daddie a wot.....I just didn't want to share mommie wif him abter my corn dawg pwincesship was chawwenged by Jewwa! Mommie n daddie tink I'm wemembering I'm a corn dawg now, not a purson in a doggie suit!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!

Hoppy Easter eberyone! Hope awl ob yu will hab a bwessed n happy howliday. We are going to hab a kwiet one at home dis yeer....mommie's car is still in de shop abter being rear-ended on de fweeway koming home fwom wurk almost 3 weekz ago. So, she didn't want to dwibe de went car to bisit de hooman gwamma. We will go bisit her when mommie haz her own car egin. Hope de Easter bunny is gud to all of yu. Wubz, Cassie

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fund Raiser for Col Potter!

Seberal timez a yeer de Col haz a funf iz a wink if enybuddy wud be interezted in heping de Col and needy corn dawgs!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fosser Sisser has Her Own Fureber Home!!

So, Jewwa finawee haz a home ob her bery OWN!! Mommie and daddie tukz her to dat airpawt pwace yezterday and she wode in de bewwy ob dat pwane to somepwace kalled Jacksonville, FL! Her nu mommie is a nurse and her daddie is a veterarian!! She haz a 14 yeer old hooman brudder and a 9 yeer old lab brudder, too. Mommie told dem de gud, de bad, de ugwee...eberyting she cud tink ob about Jewwa Bean, and dey wanteds we hope dat she will be a gud gurl der and dat she haz a happee fureber wif dem.

For MEEEEE, I'm gwad dat gurl haz her own home...she waz encwoaching on my cairn pwinsess status heer....and mommie and daddie had to really fuss at mee more dan once for jumping on Jella and weally going abter her...when dey sed all Jewwa wanted to do waz be fwiends! Hah!!

Enywayz....happee fureber widdle Jewwa girl......we hopez we heped you on to a wooferful foreber life.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Eberybuddy!

Hope eberywon is habbing a gweat day....full ob wub and pwesentz and fun! Mommie n daddie are going owt to dinner in a widdle wile and weabing uz pupperz at home...duzn't seem kwite fare to mee!!

Maybee dey will bwing uz sum goodees home wif dem?


Sunday, February 01, 2009

We've been Busy....

Mommie nu that habbing anudder widdle dawgie in de house would be extwa wurk, but she didn't wealize how much time it takez habbing anudder dawg. Diz widdle gurl izn't poddy dat meenz we AWL getz extwa wawkies twying to show hur dat de buzinezz iz to be dun owtside. She'z not katching on bery fast...but she's twying! Az mommie sayz, Cassie TOLERATEZ hur! I do tolerate diz widdle gurl, but I hope she finz a fureber home ob hur own sun.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've not been fewling too good...

Fwiday nite momma came home fwum wurk and I wasn't fewling gud, dindn't want to take my wawk, wefused my she kalled de vet obbise wight away....and off we went to see Dr. Seamans....who found a wot ob gas on my tummy. She gabe me a shot and sum medisine to take and yesderday morning I ate my bweakfust, but I still wazn't fewling real gud. I did eat supper wast nite and I fewl wike bawking at daddie when he gotz home fwom wurk. Dis morning I was weady to go wawking and I ates my bweakfast....and I fownd a cuple ob baby wabbits befur daddie cud stop me. Mommie and daddie sure lub me a wot, and dey hope dis haz just been a widdle tummy upset!

On anudder note....Jella is a weal chawwenge fur awl ob us...she is a "wild child" and she izn't totally potty twained. She "nibbles" hands and getz wotz of "no bite" and she'z been wearing doggie diapers! She is a sweet girl dough. Her dew claw incisions gotz infected so she's on antibiotics and she goez back to de vet today to be checked. So, we'be had kwite de time round here wately!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Magella (Maggie)!

So, mommie and daddie tewlz uz dat we r going to hab anudder Col Podder fosser kid in de familee. Her name iz Majella, we're gunna kall her Maggie dough. She waz a strway in a kill shelter in Huston wen da Col bwought her into his care. Mommie sayz diz gurl is gunna be a pwetty wedhed when she'z cweaned up and all her fur gwowz in. De vet's obbise is going to shabe her down sept for her hed tomowwow and spay her, den mommie will pik her up and bwing her home tomowwow nite. I'b neber had a gurl fosser befur, so mommie hopes dat I will be nise to her. Mommie is posting de intakez pikture ob de nu gurl in de house!