Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fosser Sisser has Her Own Fureber Home!!

So, Jewwa finawee haz a home ob her bery OWN!! Mommie and daddie tukz her to dat airpawt pwace yezterday and she wode in de bewwy ob dat pwane to somepwace kalled Jacksonville, FL! Her nu mommie is a nurse and her daddie is a veterarian!! She haz a 14 yeer old hooman brudder and a 9 yeer old lab brudder, too. Mommie told dem de gud, de bad, de ugwee...eberyting she cud tink ob about Jewwa Bean, and dey wanteds we hope dat she will be a gud gurl der and dat she haz a happee fureber wif dem.

For MEEEEE, I'm gwad dat gurl haz her own home...she waz encwoaching on my cairn pwinsess status heer....and mommie and daddie had to really fuss at mee more dan once for jumping on Jella and weally going abter her...when dey sed all Jewwa wanted to do waz be fwiends! Hah!!

Enywayz....happee fureber widdle Jewwa girl......we hopez we heped you on to a wooferful foreber life.


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Murphy said...

Me and Bugz is glad your foster sister has found her forever home. Bugz really knowz how important it is to have that kind of security.

Murphy and Bugz