Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yes.....It's the Weekend!

So, it's Saturday and mom is home for a couple of days.   She spent de week at werk all by herself and her canine office assistants and the feline when he chose to come out of hiding!

Her bosses were on bacation dis week, leaving mom in charge ob da pet sitting company!   All went good until ob da sitters got bitten!   Lil ole grumpy dog bit her while she was twying to take off his harness!   He's in pain and has health issues, and sitter wasn't mad at him, but she wanted us to know she was bitten, it bwoke da skin.  She was going to clean it up good and put on antibiotic cream.  Mom called the pup's mom to let her know.   The mom was horrified and said from now on just leab da harness on him and she also called his dogtor to see if she could get something to help keep him more calm.   Poor ole guy!  Poor sitter.

Our weffer is weal nice here, too, today.  Sunny and sposed to be warm.   Hope mom and dad will take us puppers for a nice walk later.

Mom says it's almost time for us to get our toenails trimmed again...oh joy!   But not THIS weekend.

Hope eberypup is doing great and hope y'alls weffer is nice, too!!

Cassie-the-Corn Dog

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It Feels Like Spring!!

W0w, after a few decades or weeks or monffs of MUCH colder dan normal weffer, it feels like SPRING here in SE Texas!

It's going to be 75 degrees here to day and in the mid 70's to high 70's all week and LOTZ ob sun!!

WHOOPEEEEEE...lotz ob nice long walks with the daddy while momma is stuck werking!!!

Hope all my furriends get some nice weffer real soon!



Thursday, February 06, 2014


BRRRRRRR!!!   It's COLD outside again!!   Da momma says it's 34 degwees wiff a wind chill ob 25!    I dogally think it's gonna be fun to walk in dat in a widdle bit, but da hoomans don't seem to fink so.   What's WRONG wiff dem??????

Just north ob us der's sleet and some snow, but it wooks like we won't get any ob dat dis time...fank goodness!!

Hope all our furriends and hoomans hab a gwate day!


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sooper Bowl Sunday!

It's a day called Sooper Bowl Sunday again!   Unfortunately my hooman's team was sooooooo bad this year they didn't even have a sniff ob a chance to play in this game.  

But Momma is a football fan, so she's gonna watch it anyway and daddy will join her to drink the wine and munch on the cheese and crackers.

All three of us will stare pitifully at the hoomans and hope to score some cheese and crackers, it usually works.

Mom is kinda hoping the Broncos win but then she kinda likes the Seahawks,, may the best team win!

It's nice and warm here this morning, too, in the mid 60's right now, but temps are supposed to get colder as the day goes on and maybe rain too.

This Texas winter yo-yo weather is crazy!

Hope all our furriends have a great Sunday and may the team that y'all are rooting for win!

Cassie the Corn Terror