Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Mommie n daddie tewl me dis iz a day to wemember awl ob de bwabe men n women who hab giben der libes to pwotect ebery one ob uz...may dey west in peace and may der famileez be comforted knowing dat dese bwabe humanz died doing what dey wanted to for each and ebery one ob uz.

So, wile we hab our cookowtz and selebwate de beginning ob summer, wet'z also wemember de reazon for dis holiday.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm not a Person in a Doggie Suit?????

So, after Jella weft, I desided dat I needed to be total top dawg heer at home...n mi mommie waz MINE, ALL MINE, ezpeshually wen she waz in de bedwoom!! I snapped at mi bewoved Daddie wen I waz on de bed wif mommie, and I twied nipping at hiz neez wen he wawked tru de bedwoom ifn mommie waz in de woom, AND, one mowning I gwowled at daddie wen he came to say good-bye to mommie befur he weft for wurk. WELLLLL, mommie n daddie fownd diz behavior unakseptable??? I waz put on a Noffing in Wife is Fwee kind of more bed, no more couch, sitting for EBERYTING from being weashed to tweats to meals to being petted!! And, I stawted being cwated at bed-time, tu.'s been abowt tree weekz, and my widdle butt pwopz wen I'm told to sit, AND it'z been seberal dayz since I'be twied nipping at or gwowling at mi daddie. I still don't hab bed pwibileges and mommie n daddie r going to keep cwating me at nite fur a wile.....and, the sitting for eberyting..I'm afwaid dat is a purmanent ting!! I wove mi daddie a wot.....I just didn't want to share mommie wif him abter my corn dawg pwincesship was chawwenged by Jewwa! Mommie n daddie tink I'm wemembering I'm a corn dawg now, not a purson in a doggie suit!!