Monday, May 29, 2006

Bwazos Bend State Pawk

Mi mommy n daddy tuk me to Bwazos Bend State Pawk dis mornin, and BOY did I eber hab a gud time!! I sniffed, wan, chased a sqwirrel, saw deer, armidillo, alligator, birds, turkles, and MORE.

Dis is a pikture of mi daddy n me rite before we weft de pawk.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's a Holiday Weekend!!

It's Memowial Day weekend, so Mom and Dad are home wit me most of de next tree days. Yippeeee!! It is a weekend for fun and pikniks and bar-be-kues and tings likez dat, but itz also a time to remember all doze bwave men and women who made de ultimate sacwifice to pwotect all ob us. Letz all take sum time to remember dem dis weekend.



Friday, May 19, 2006

I Gotz a Pwezent in De Mail Today!

I gotz this wunnerful stuffee toi in de mail today fwom my fwiend Wosie Posie and Auntie Lori! As yu kan see, I WUV dis Woadwunner and I wan cairn "zoomies" awound the wiving woom wit it in mi mouff until I gotz tired enuff to slow down so Mommy cud getz a pikture or two ob me wit it.
Thank yu SO much, Wosie and Auntie Lori!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day ebery mudder out dere, whether u habs two-weggers or four-weggers.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Hab a New Fwiend Named Wosie!

I habz a nu fwiend dat mommie and me met today. Her name is Wosie, and she's a bulldog, 10 mths old. She iz such a cutie pie, and she is nice, too. She's a baby girl next to me, but maybe I can teach her some tings about being a dawg--and maybe she can teech me some tings, too, since I habn't been out of dat puppy mill bery long.

Mommie and me feel blessed to hab met Wosie and her mommie and we can't wait to get to know dem better.

Dis is a pikture of my new fwiend Wosie!!



Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mommy is Job Hunting -- and She's Not Much Fun!!

The company that mommy was working for went kapoot! So, Mommy has been busy trying to find anudder job, and wile she's sooooo stwessed owt, she's NOT a lot ob fun. I am gibing her lotz and lotz of lub, and she wuvs dat, but dat duzn't earn money. I hab asked my angel bwudder and sisder to pwese huwwy and hep mommy find wurk!

And, to top tings all off, I hab had the runnee poops for a few dayz. Mommy started feeding me wice wit beef bwoth and it haz started to hep. She is mixing a liddle of my kibble in in now, and I'm still pretty klose to "normal" so maybe she wunt take me to dat nasty ole vet!

Well, dat's about all de gud newz I hab for dis time.