Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Foster Brudder and Udder Stuff.......

Mudder hazn't been a bery gud sekretawy ob wate.....wotz going on heer at home wif Hunter undergoing his HW tweetment and all the special care needed for our boi n his medication schedule....pwus, 6 dayz abter dat furst tweetment he gotz a feber and wudn't eat, so it waz off to de vet fur him, antibiotics and a steroid shot and home, den he was gud for anudder day, den he wudn't eat n had a feber egin...back to de vet for more antibiotics and anudder shot.....and a nite spent der....and I WEALLY missed him!! By de 9th day abter dat injecton he was doing gud....but he has to spend most ob de time in his cwate---poor widdle fewwo, but we kan't hab doze nasty wormz bweaking up in too big of pieces and going into his heart/wungz/brain and dat wud be de end ob him. Tursday ob dis week he had his 2nd injection, and he spent de nite at dat vet pwace egin.....I was mopey Tursday night and kept wooking where hiz cwate uzually iz....and neder de cwate not my fosser brudder were dere! He'z home az ob wast nite egin, and we hope he duzn't hab az much twubble diz time. He haz to be kept kwiet for anuddner monf, den he's tweated for de baby HW in his blood stwean and we can pwy wif each udder......and mom and dad day if we getz along when we can aktually pway wif each udder, dey mite tink bowt dopting dis boi, dat mite be fun!!

And, my grand-ma's wong-time "friend" (of the male kind) is BERY wooks like in a likelihood to be the big C of the liver....and grandma is habbing a hard time dealing wif mom has had to be devoting a gud amount ob time on de fone tingie wif her and bisiting, a 4 hour dribe one-way!

I am doing gud, mom and dad tink habbing Hunter heer is gweat for mee, I am getting bwaber bowt lotz ob tings, like going outside when de neighbor is on his widing mower!

So, diz pwetty much catchez yu up on wat's been going on wif me!!