Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 2009 Eberybuddy!

Well,befur we no it, 2009 will be heer.....where or where haz 2008 gone?? So much has happened to everybuddy in the USA and to our familee, tu. We hab added a nu fur kid, my brudder Hunter, to our familee, and mommie and daddie say he's sure bringing out my "inner cairn" whateber dat meens! Den de economee haz hit almost eberyone we no in sum way or anudder....and we pway dat it getz bedder in 2009. Den, der was Hurricane Ike dat paid uz a bizit in September...and dat waz not fun and weally scawy!! We were bwessed not habbing damage to our home, but we did go wifout electricty and wadder for 10 days. Mommie weft uz and went on a cwuise, lebbing uz home wif daddie for a week, tu, and daddie did gud taking care ob uz. We hope daddie can finally offisially retire in 2009, so hoping it'z a gud year for him!

We send happy New Year wishes to all our furriends and their hoomans for 2009!!

Cassie and Hunter

Monday, December 15, 2008

So, mommy is still pwaying wif dat "Picnik" software pwogwam, and here's a cuple ob "pensil dwawings" ob Hunter n mee. Mommy tinks dese a pwetty kool, personally I'll just be happee when dis Woofmas season is dun, den she will kwit posting pikturez ob us wif doze siwwy hats!

If we don't hab a chance to post egin befur Woofmas, we wantz to wish eberyone a safe and Mewwy Woofmas one more time.



Sunday, December 07, 2008

Merry Woofmas Eberyone!

It's hawd to beweib, but it'z almost Woofmas time egin. Hunter and me sure wish mommie had found dis "Picnik" progwam befur she subjekted uz to habbing to wear dat siwwy Santa hat fur our Woofmas cards. Next yeer maybee she will use dis instead, and our Woofmas will be much more merry!

We hope awl our furriendz and der hoomanz hab a safe and Merry Woofmas!


Cassie n Hunter

Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's my 3rd "Gotcha Day" Annifursary Today!

It's hard to bewiebe it, but 3 yeers ago today mommie and daddie picked me up halfway between Dallas and Huston and bwought me home to "fosser" me. Well, I had oder planz in mind, as I tuk off for 30 hours on the run after slipping out ob my harness, and by de time I waz bwought back to warmth and safety, mommie and daddie's hearts were held in my paws and they applied to adopt me right away. So, it's been 3 years of love and learning for all ob us, and we have been a happy little familee, to include eben that new brudder who joined us in May ob dis yeer.