Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Card Photos......

Mommie decided today's the day to take our Woofmas kard she put that stoopid Santa Claws hat on bof Hunter n me, and snapped foto abter foto abter foto, until she got one ob each ob us dat she said she cud use! Here's a cuple ob fotos dat she ISN'T using ob us!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Tanksgibbing Eberybuddy!

Today is de day dat we awl gib tankz for eberyting dat we hab been bwessed wif during de past yeer....n we hab lotz to be tankful for in owr familee! We hab a nu boi in de howz, Hunter iz a gud widdle brudder fur mi, and he noz hiz job in wife iz to serb diz corn dawg princess ---- meeeeee! We hab owr health n for now enyway, bof mommie and daddie hab jobz. We hab a nise warm home and pwenty ob kibble fur awl ob us, too.

So, heer's hoping awl my palz hab a safe and happy Tanksgibbing!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sweetie is Missing!

Our furriend Vinny, the min pin, has a very old doxie sisder named Sweetie. Sweetie is about 19 years old, and she was a rescue that Vinny's mom found seberal yeerz ego and they have kept her and cared for her. It seemz maybee she was aksidentally lebt owtside when her pawrentz went to wurk on Fwiday and wen dey gotz bak home, Sweetie waz missing. Vinny's familee iz bery sad and upset and dey are luking hawd for der gurl, but so far dey hab not had eny luk. We'd sure appweciate all gud thots and pawyers fur Sweetie to come bak home safely.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mommy's gonna torture Hunter and Me!

I saw mommy going into THAT drawer won wif dat Mrs. Santa Paws owtfit in it. OH NOOOOOOOO, it kan't be dat time ob de yeer alwedy egin! She seyz dat Hunter n mi r going to getz gwoomed and den it's gonna be pikture taking time egin....dat we're gonna be de featured pikturez on most ob de Chwistwoof kards diz yeer. Hunter didn't seem to mind habbing dat Santa hat on hiz hed, but he'z a dumm boi who duzn't know eny bedder...I will tewl him all bowt dis! Mommy is unner de odd impwession dat she'z going to getz a gud pikture ob bof ob us eder in dat hat or a Chrwistwoof kollar! Hahhhhhh!!!!