Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mudder and Fadder Are Webing Me Today!

Mudder and fadder r webing me at home today wile day take a wong widdle dwibe. Dey are going to hep anudderwiddle corn terror dawg come into Col Potter Corn Terror Rescue's woving arms.

Dis widdle girl is an "owner surrender" and she's starting up in de Dallas, TX awea, den to Mexia, TX, den to Madisonville, TX were mudder and fadder will pik her up and dey will take her to Beaumont, TX where de foster momma will pik her up and take her to Lake Charles, LA. She's a bee-uu-tee-ful widdle gurl fwom wat we know, wheaton with black tip ears, and a tiny girl, 13 lbs. I weigh 18 lbs and I'm a widdle girl myself!

Enyway, I don't much wike widing in a behicle, so I will stay home and comfy until the hoomans come home.

Wishing dem a safe twip and a happy new beginning for widdle Dweemer gurl!

Your fwiend,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

De Wedder is Finally Nice for a While!

Well, guess we shudn't komplane here in TX bowt de wedder abter seeing all de weportz fwom our fwiends in CO and OH and MO and NY, but it'z been kind ob cold and wainy heer for wat seemz wike weekz and weekz!!

Enyway, I gotz a nise wong walkie wit my daddy egin yesderday, and wit de niser wedder, der were mice and wabbits owt expworing, too! I had gweat fun chasing dem.

Den dis morning wen mommie tuk me owtside, der was a nice fat wobin wawking along our wawkway! I stared at it, it stared at me, den it wawked away, and I continued my wawkie with mommie. I don't chase burds much, I'm smart enuff to knowz I pwoblee can't katch doez tings, so why bodder??

Anyway, hope eberyone is habing a gud weekend.

Your buddy,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mommie's Been at It Again.......

Mommie said I was looking like a "shaggy" woof and she cudn't see my eyes, so it waz time for a "gwooming" egin. I don't care much for dat kind ob ting, but she insistz sumtimes. She onwy did my face, ears, and beerd so far, but heer's a pikture ob me wit me acshuallee wuking into dat fwashee kamera ting and yu can see my eyes!!

Your fwiend,


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Eberybuddy!

Well, my sckretary has not taken an entry for me here in a while, so I finely made her sit here wile I write a note! Can yu beweive itz almost Valentine's Day? Wow, time is sure going fast!

It'z been cold here, and we didn't hab heet in dis howz for 5 dayz caws a part bwoke on de heeting system. BBBRRRRR. I kind of wiked do cool howz, but de hoomanz wurn't zo happee!! I zoomed and pwayed and had a gud time.

Hope eberybuddy has a happee Valentine's Day!!