Saturday, June 14, 2014

Defi's Gotcha Day

Yesderday wuz Defi's "Gotcha Day"....1 yeer ago yesderday she offishially became a member ob our furmily!!    We still getz awong fur da most pawt....when she memberz I'm da WEAL corn dawg pwincess in dis house!!  

We'z all gonna seddle in a watch a moffee dis abternoon, da hoomanz are habbing wine, cheese, cwackers, and shwimp....lukz wike dey didn't fink bout uz!!

Hope eberypup is habbing a gud weekend.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Time no Post!

Da momma and cuzzin Millie had wotz ob fun on dat cwuze tingie!   But, de day abter dey gotz back momma started koming down wiff somefing, coffing, hacking, sneezing, and such wike dat!   She had bwonkitis fur 3 weeks and she didn't feel like being my sekretery, she eben werked fwom home fur almost 2 weeks!   And, den she also had a car wreck, to add to eberyfing else!  Now she mite get her car back pweddy soon, and she's finally feeling gud again, so we thot we'd post a couple ob piktures fwom dat cwuise!