Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hunter and Me.....

Well, my foster brother Hunter is doing lots better this round of HW treatment. He hasn't been so sick, with the high fever/lack of appetite. In only one week he will be treated for the baby HW's in his bloodstream and then hopefully we can let him out to run and play with me.

I sure like this fewwo, we hope once he can run and pway, we will still wike each uder and maybe mudder and fadder will tink bout dopting him to be a fureber member ob our famlee.

Our wedder has turned to spwing here, it'z been downwight warm heer, we'b eben run the a/c kwite a bit.

Mudder went and bisited some dogster furriends and der hoomanz a couple ob weeks ago, she enjoyed it. I don't wike widing in de car pwus I'm not uzuallee bery comfortable with peeple I don't know, so me and Hunter stayed home wif fadder.

Well, dat's about it for now!