Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today's My Burfday!

I am 7 yrs old today, but it's mi furst burfday with mommie and daddie. Dey sure lub me and say dis is just wike my bery furst burfday eber! Dey hab giben me nu toiz and a speshul burfday cookie and lotz of lubbinz today.

Now if it wud only stop waining so I cud hab a gud wong wawk!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

De Bwitish Hab Been Here!

Well, de Bwitish guests were here, and dey WUBBED me, and guess, wat? I wubbed dem wite bak! I eben went to dem for tummy wubbies and ear skratchez and wet Paul walk me!!

Mommie n Daddie wer so pwoud ob me for being a bwave gurl and accepting nu peeple in my house for ober a week.

Dis pikture was taken ob me at Bwazos Bend State Pawk, the twip I got to go alongz with ebery body. I had such a gud time, yu can tell, I hab sand all ober my face.

I was a gud gurl when eberybody went on de day twips and weft me home, too, so I gotz lotz of treatz and pwaise, too.

I enjoied habbing kompany butz I'm kind of gwad to hab my hoomanz to miself agin now!