Saturday, June 21, 2008

We went to Bwazos Bend State Pawk!

De hoomanz tuked uz tu dis bee-uuu-tee-full state pawk wast Sunday. We had de bestest time der, we eben gotz to chase skwirrels. We twied to cwimb de twees abter dem.

We tuk a nise wong wawk around de Horsehu wake and den we picniked wif de hoomanz before we had to come bak home.

It's fun habbing a widdle brudder to du des tings wif!



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hunter and Me

So, since de nu brudder waz weleased fur all aktibitees, de hoomanz desided dat we bof needed a gud gwoom dey sent us to de gwoomer wady at our vet'z obbise. De hoomanz tink we's luking dog-gone gud said dat dey habz two small was hawd to tewl how small we were wif all dat fur!

We weally didn't mind going, eberybuddy at de vet'z obbise wubz us and gibz us wotz ob wubbinz when we're der!

So far habbing a brudder is ok, he knowz I'm de top dawg in dis familee, and dat's a gud ting in my opinion. We wrestle and chase each over and pway until I wear dat boi owt. I pullz him by his eer and nibble at him until he finalee haz enuff and he wuns to the bed and jumpz on it...I can't do that yet!! I almost made it de oder day dough.

Hope eberybuddy haz a gud's HOT here in SE TX already!!