Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thunder and all kinds of things.....

Well, we had big thunderstorms last night. I did my usual hide under the end table thing. Even Hunter, who's not been scared of anything, was sort of trembling a little bit.

And, Hunter is having to get another liver test done on Tuesday. His blood work shows a bit of a high liver enzyme reading, and we've got to get him "normal" before he can be treated for his heartworms.

We love Hunter, and we pray we can get him well and ready for a long and healthy life with a wonderful forever family soon.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Haz Anudder Fosser Brudder.....

and his name is Hunter. He came to stay wif us wast Sunday. He had been in a "kill" shelter in Houston and he was scheduled to be PTS de bery day dat Col Potter came to wescue him. He is a cairn "mix" it seems, pwobably bowt 90 pct cairn, 10 pct who knowz what??? He is bigger dan I am, about 22.5 lbs, wif WONG weggies. He jumped wight owt ob mommie's 36 inch high ex-pen like nothing to it, not once but twice!! So, mommie ordered the "lid" to the ex-pen and it awwived yesterday. Sadly, Hunter haz heartwormz, so he iz going to hab to go through dat tweatment pwocess and he will hab to be kept pwetty still and calm before he is tweated and most sertanly abter it. He is taking doxyclcline twice a day now for 3 weeks before hiz furst tweatment and he is getting neutered on Monday. He is a sweet boy, mommie and daddie alweady weally wove dis guy, and dey are alweady saying maybe he will become a permanent member ob our famlee. We will see how it goez. Hunter is a light wheaton cairn boy, he needs gwooming but mommie and daddie aren't going to stwess him out duing it kwite yet.

Pwease tink gud tots for dis widdle guy as he goez through the neutering on Monday and his heartworm tweatment!