Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Crissymus Eberywun!

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We thank our furriends who have stopped by to bisit me dis yeer, we wubz you all!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Close to Chwissymus Time

My goodness, it's alweady almost Crissymus time!  Where, oh where, haz dis yeer gone? 

We wubz all our furriends, and we wish dem da bestest and mewwiest Crissymus eber, and a BERY habbee new yeer, tu!

Cassie-role and furmily

Friday, November 28, 2014

Habby Turkey Day

WOWZERS my sekretawy has WEALLY fallen down on da job!

Turkey Day haz come n gone alweady!

Can yu beweib it?   Da hoomanz had turkey bweast, sweet potato casserole, peas, wolls, pecan pie, wine, and du yu fink we got eben a bite?   NOPE!!  Dat waz a weal twagedy!!  Beweib me, we all begged and begged and begged to no abail!!

Enywayz, da sekretery haz been weally weally buzy at work and eben bwinging work home wiff her.  So, no posts for me here.

Hope eberyone has had a happy Turkey Day and will have the bestest holiday season!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Dogter Visit

So, da Daddy and me tuk a car wide today....first ob all, I dun't wike widing in da car at all, so I wuzn't bery happy wiff dis turn ob ebentz.

Den, we stop, and we're at da dogter's offise!   Daddy takes me inside and makes me wait in dat waiting woom wiff about a million oder pups/kitties.   Den dey call my name, and I gotz taken into da exam woom!   Der, I gotz felt al ober, gotz, weighed (and who DOES dat to a girl and tells how much she weighs), I got shots and some stuff in my nose!  Dey den eben stuck me and tuk all my blood out to be tested for heart wormies and such. 

And, werst ob all, momma told daddy to have them cut my toenails!! 

Anyway, it seems I am healthy, espeshially for an almost 15 year old cairn girl!  Go me!!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer's Almost Done!

Wow, itz Labor Day weekend!  Where, oh where, has summer gone?

We hab pwayed wiff daddy, taken long walkies here at home wiff daddy, stayed in de kul house wiff daddy, but not wun time hab we gone to Bwazos Riber State Pawk!!!

It is still hot and humid here, but da kids r back in skool, twabbic is way bad for da momma goin to werk.

Before we know it, Thanksgibing and Woofmas will be here!!

Hope all my furriends hab had a gweat summer.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Heat

It is weally summer time heer in SE Texas!  Temps hab been well into da mid 90's and dat humidity stuff, wellllll.....let's just say it hasn't helped madders!!   We go fur quick walkies in da mornings and da daddy takes us for quicker ones midday and late abternoons!!   We sure iz habbee to hab air conditioning!!

Mudder is super buzy at work...but it helbs keep us in kibble so we letz her go eben dough she comes home smelling like other dawgs and eben kitty smell on her!   She tells us dat Sammy and Gabriele libz where she wurks and so doez Angel da kat!

Not much habbening here, just wanted to say howlo!



Friday, July 18, 2014

Da Sekretary Falling Down on Da Job!

It's been a while since da secretary posted fur me!  Not much going on round here anyway, but she could at LEAST pop in and say howlo fur me.

It's been raining lots and lots here, a good thing, and it's kept it from getting TOO hot, but next week supposed to be close to 100.  GRRRRR.

I got a burr in my fur a couple of weeks ago and decided I had to remind Defi who's the princess here, and I earned some crate time.   What's up wiff that!!

Mom is loving her job at the pet sitting company, but she has been working late with vacation season and then she brings work home, too!!   Daddy's taking good care of us while she's busy, though.

Hope all my pals are having a great summer.



Saturday, June 14, 2014

Defi's Gotcha Day

Yesderday wuz Defi's "Gotcha Day"....1 yeer ago yesderday she offishially became a member ob our furmily!!    We still getz awong fur da most pawt....when she memberz I'm da WEAL corn dawg pwincess in dis house!!  

We'z all gonna seddle in a watch a moffee dis abternoon, da hoomanz are habbing wine, cheese, cwackers, and shwimp....lukz wike dey didn't fink bout uz!!

Hope eberypup is habbing a gud weekend.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Time no Post!

Da momma and cuzzin Millie had wotz ob fun on dat cwuze tingie!   But, de day abter dey gotz back momma started koming down wiff somefing, coffing, hacking, sneezing, and such wike dat!   She had bwonkitis fur 3 weeks and she didn't feel like being my sekretery, she eben werked fwom home fur almost 2 weeks!   And, den she also had a car wreck, to add to eberyfing else!  Now she mite get her car back pweddy soon, and she's finally feeling gud again, so we thot we'd post a couple ob piktures fwom dat cwuise!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Momma's Deserting Us!

Just one more week and da momma is gonna be seeing dis!  Yes, dat beach is Cozumel and she's gonna be cruising along!   Daddy, me, Hunter, Defi and Eddie are al staying home.   Hmppphhhh....but we are sure the daddy will spoil us rotten while she's gone!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

All Four ob Us!

Mom's trying another browser to see if she can post piktures here!  If this works, she's gonna post a pikture ob all four ob us!

Happy Easter Eberyone!

It's Easter!   Hope all our furriends and their hoomanz hab a blessed day!

It's gonna be a quiet Easter here at our house.  Mom's gonna go to church, and then when she gets home daddy's gonna hab a bwunch prepared!  Bacon, scrambled eggies wiff cheese and onions in dem, waffles, fwesh owange juice, and biscuits all abailable!

Wight now we're wanting our morning walkie, but mom's finishing a cup ob coffee furst, and it's WEALLY foggy outside, too.

Supposed to be a weally pwetty day once de fog goes away, so we're hoping for a nice long walk!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bed Time

So we're all in bed tonight.....all four of us puppers are in the hooman's king size bed and the two hoomans are crowded on the edges of the bed while we puppers are really quite comfy indeed!

Most of the time Defi jumps off the bed after the hoomans are asleep so that's a little more room, and sometimes Eddie jumps on and off and on and off with "thumps" as he hits the floor and momma gets frustrated and crates him so she can get her "beauty" sleep!

That leaves me and Hunter, and generally we snuggle up and sleep quietly throughout the night until a hooman moves and wakes us.  Then we grumble and circle and plop back down.

So momma is about to turn out the lights and try to get her "beauty" rest, and we will see how crowded we can make it for her.

Good night everyone!


Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Eddie quickly worked his way into da furmily....and dere wuz an doption appwication fwom someone ELSE in da werks, so we, az a furmily, had to decide fast if we wunted him to become a member ob our furmily!  

It wuz decided all round dat he's a gud gui, and we wanted him to wibe wiff uz so we put in the appwication and we gotz appwobed to dopt him on Monday!

So, soon as de doption papers are signed Edmund will be Eddie Petrofsky and he will be one of my court courtiers just wike Hunter iz.

Welcome to the furmily Eddie!!


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Da momma and da daddy are headed up to Centerville, TX in a while to pick up and BRING HOME anudder corn dawg!    Dey say we are fostering him.  Hmmmmm.....fosters like me, Hunter, and Defi hab been known to become members ob da furmily around here when all's said and done.   So, we will see!!

Edmund is a black brindle almost 9 year old corn dawg that is in Camp Lone Star Rescue, a rescue started by the lady who brought ME into mamma and daddy's lives.   His mamma died, his daddy tried to take care of him and his lab sister, but eventually they all moved in with dad's daughter and furmily, and it was determined that Edmund and his sister had to leave with kids and dogs already in the household.    Miss Judy picked both of them up and found a rescue for the lab sister and took Edmund into CLSR!  He had heartworms and has been successfully treated and she says he's a sweet gentleman!!

Well, I have gotten along with all the boy fosters we've had, mama better not bring any other GIRL dawgs in this house though.  Hunter gets along as long as it's not a big dog, and Defi just kinda ignores other dawgs.

So, will letcha know how it goes with Edmund!

Lubz, Cassie-role

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Communicating Wiff Us!

Da momma has decided to take an animal communications Sunday!   She is interested to see if she can find out lots of things about all three of us, and if not, then she just doesn't have the "gift" whatsoever.    From what she understands everyone has this but they don't know how to tap into it!

We will letcha know how it all comes out!

In the meantime we're all just chilling out here, it's thundering and storming here right now.

Hope everypup is having a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cold Then Warm Then Cold Then Warm......

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to MAKE UP HER MIND!   We keep goin from winter to spring to winter to spring!   Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees here, today it was only in the 60's and tomorrow morning it's gonna be in the 30's.

Mom and dad are soooooo ready for spring to come and stay, and we pups are, too.  

Mom's been busy at the pet sitting company with spring break on us, lots of people need sitters and her company is short handed right now!

As for us pups, we're enjoying life in general, keeping dad busy walking us as much as we can get him to go outside with us.

Anyhow, not much exciting happening, just wanted to tell my furriends howlo.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yes.....It's the Weekend!

So, it's Saturday and mom is home for a couple of days.   She spent de week at werk all by herself and her canine office assistants and the feline when he chose to come out of hiding!

Her bosses were on bacation dis week, leaving mom in charge ob da pet sitting company!   All went good until ob da sitters got bitten!   Lil ole grumpy dog bit her while she was twying to take off his harness!   He's in pain and has health issues, and sitter wasn't mad at him, but she wanted us to know she was bitten, it bwoke da skin.  She was going to clean it up good and put on antibiotic cream.  Mom called the pup's mom to let her know.   The mom was horrified and said from now on just leab da harness on him and she also called his dogtor to see if she could get something to help keep him more calm.   Poor ole guy!  Poor sitter.

Our weffer is weal nice here, too, today.  Sunny and sposed to be warm.   Hope mom and dad will take us puppers for a nice walk later.

Mom says it's almost time for us to get our toenails trimmed again...oh joy!   But not THIS weekend.

Hope eberypup is doing great and hope y'alls weffer is nice, too!!

Cassie-the-Corn Dog

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It Feels Like Spring!!

W0w, after a few decades or weeks or monffs of MUCH colder dan normal weffer, it feels like SPRING here in SE Texas!

It's going to be 75 degrees here to day and in the mid 70's to high 70's all week and LOTZ ob sun!!

WHOOPEEEEEE...lotz ob nice long walks with the daddy while momma is stuck werking!!!

Hope all my furriends get some nice weffer real soon!



Thursday, February 06, 2014


BRRRRRRR!!!   It's COLD outside again!!   Da momma says it's 34 degwees wiff a wind chill ob 25!    I dogally think it's gonna be fun to walk in dat in a widdle bit, but da hoomans don't seem to fink so.   What's WRONG wiff dem??????

Just north ob us der's sleet and some snow, but it wooks like we won't get any ob dat dis time...fank goodness!!

Hope all our furriends and hoomans hab a gwate day!


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sooper Bowl Sunday!

It's a day called Sooper Bowl Sunday again!   Unfortunately my hooman's team was sooooooo bad this year they didn't even have a sniff ob a chance to play in this game.  

But Momma is a football fan, so she's gonna watch it anyway and daddy will join her to drink the wine and munch on the cheese and crackers.

All three of us will stare pitifully at the hoomans and hope to score some cheese and crackers, it usually works.

Mom is kinda hoping the Broncos win but then she kinda likes the Seahawks,, may the best team win!

It's nice and warm here this morning, too, in the mid 60's right now, but temps are supposed to get colder as the day goes on and maybe rain too.

This Texas winter yo-yo weather is crazy!

Hope all our furriends have a great Sunday and may the team that y'all are rooting for win!

Cassie the Corn Terror

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Boy, oh, boy!  Whateber happened our usually mild Texas winters????    It's been so unusually chilly here, in fact, it's been downright COLD outside!   Last Friday all of our area was covered in ice, then it warmed up almost to the 70's and then we were in line for more ice on missed us, but the COLD air sure didn't miss!   Momma and Daddy aren't liking this much, but the three of us think it's just fine, after all, we have our own fur coats.

Anyway, tomorrow and Saturday it's supposed to be warm again and then Sunday another cold front.  

With all this crazy weather we're not getting our usual walks, the humans are wimps we say.

Hope all my furriends are staying safe and warm!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Been a LONG Time!

My secretary allowed my blog to lapse for WAYYYYY toooooo long.  

Lots has happened in our furmily since my last post.  Momma was "laid off" from her awful job at the car dealership, our human gramma died, and momma had an acute angle glaucoma attack all causing 4 eye operations in 2012. 

Momma found a job from real "h_____ll" working for a woman who owns a dance studio, and who treated her employees like slave labor in December 2012.  She managed to hang in because we needed the paycheck and blessedly she found a job working for a pet sitting company in December 2013.   She's office manager/scheduler/all around office person there and she LOVES it.   She also gets to play wiff a dobie named Sammie (Samantha) and a Papillion named Gabriel during the day!

We also made Defi a full member of our pack in June of 2013 so now we're a three corn terror family!

Defi and me are 14 years old, but you'd never know we're "seniors" and Hunter turns 9 tomorrow.

Well, now that momma is remembering I do have a blog, I'm gonna make sure she posts for me!