Friday, November 28, 2014

Habby Turkey Day

WOWZERS my sekretawy has WEALLY fallen down on da job!

Turkey Day haz come n gone alweady!

Can yu beweib it?   Da hoomanz had turkey bweast, sweet potato casserole, peas, wolls, pecan pie, wine, and du yu fink we got eben a bite?   NOPE!!  Dat waz a weal twagedy!!  Beweib me, we all begged and begged and begged to no abail!!

Enywayz, da sekretery haz been weally weally buzy at work and eben bwinging work home wiff her.  So, no posts for me here.

Hope eberyone has had a happy Turkey Day and will have the bestest holiday season!!



Charliedownunder said...

Crikey Cassie ...... they had all that good food and you got NONE!! That doesn't sound fair to me.. Wanna come to my house?? Mum's a lousy cook but she shares!!
Seckreteries do get busy sometimes, aye?? We all understand. It happens to me too.

Whitley Westie said...

No turkey? What da woof??? Ya needs to work on your beggin.

FinleytheWestie said...

No turkey? None???

I's all sads fur ya, furiend, dat is a tragedy....

Cassie said...

It wuz a true turkey, no people food at ALL! Da hoomans hab leftoberz, tu, and STILL no hooman fod fur us. Charlie, we'd love to pack our bags and make us a trip to bisit you n Finley n Whitley n Z-pup and ovfur furriends! Our mama is pwanning a twip for HERSELF next October to cruise the Greek Islands! NOT FAIR!!

Anonymous said...

Well, whut r yu watin' fur??? Ged packin'!!!

It r always twagik when us pupses r denied eben da tiniest taste ob a speshul meal, 'cept, obcorse, if we r 'llergik or sumfing!

Cassie said...

It is AWFUL Z-Pup, just AWFUL. All we'b godden is our KIBBLE! Not eben a small sliber ob turkey. Keep an eye out, if we getz a chance we'll be headed out on a woad twip via dat widdle bwon truk!