Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thunder, Thunder Everywhere!!!!

It's been waining and waining and tundering and tundering almost ebery day for wat seems to be weeks and weeks. I hab my anxiety wrap, and dat heps, but I'm still NOT a happee corn dog. Pwus wif all dis wain I habn't gotten my usual kwota of nice wawkees wif my fadder eder.

I am hiding underneef de end table wile I diktate dis bwop update to mudder.

Hope eberyone has had a gud weekend. Mudder and fadder were home all weekend wif me, and datz alwayz a gud ting.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Summertime - at least the weather thinks so!

It is so hot here in SE Texas, it feels like it's July, not June! Even I don't mind taking shorter wawkies, caws I getz zo bery warm owtside now. It'z eben bery warm in de mornings wen mudder wawks me befor she goez to wurk.

We habn't doing a wot awound here, just taking it eezy dis weekend. At weast de hoomanz hab been home wif me, and I wike dat a wot.