Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Summertime - at least the weather thinks so!

It is so hot here in SE Texas, it feels like it's July, not June! Even I don't mind taking shorter wawkies, caws I getz zo bery warm owtside now. It'z eben bery warm in de mornings wen mudder wawks me befor she goez to wurk.

We habn't doing a wot awound here, just taking it eezy dis weekend. At weast de hoomanz hab been home wif me, and I wike dat a wot.



Toby said...
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Toby said...

Hi Hi Cassie!~ Thanks for dropping by my bloggy too. Wow, you don't know how lucky you are to have nice warm (well hot) weather. We've been having nothing but rain rain and more rain!!

Maybe we can do an exchange thingy. You can come to Vancouver and I'll head over to Texas. I wouldn't mind some sunshine to work on my tan a bit!!!

Make sure u drink lotsa water, k? Don't wanna get dehydrated...


Murphy said...

Cassie-role, we likes that name. It's been raining here lots and windy too!!! Our Auntie Margaret who lives near Houston is coming to visit this weekend. Her's told Mommy it was really hot and humid in TX. We is glad we lives in CO

Murphy and Bugs