Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Tree??

There is a TREE in my house. Mommie put this thing in the corner ob de libing woom dis morning. I iz not sure at all bout dis ting. So farz I am gwowling and staring at dis ting. I hab neber herd ob such a ting--a tree in our house? Dere are lites and oder shiney tings on dis tree, too, and mommie sayz dere is one bery speshul ornament on dis tree, because it's ME! She won an ornament wit a bwack bwindle cairn hand painted on it, so naturally it'z gotta be on our tree.



Thursday, November 23, 2006


Dis is my bery furst Tanksgibing wit my bosses, and I knowz I habz so much to be greatful for. I am owt of dat puppee mill, I habz lotz ob gud food un fwesh wadder and a warm soft bed and hoomanz who wubz me so bery much!

My wish for dis Tanksgibing iz dat my cairn cuzzinz still in puppee millz will be able to enjoy de wub and kare dat I hab now and dat eny doggies in doze millz will hab lub and fweedom, too.

Mom n dad are going owt to Tanksgibig dinner, so I don't eben get a taste ob turkey, but dat's ok, caws I will getz some speshul tweats enyway.

Happy Tanksgiving, have a safe and blessed one!!!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Mom Won't Stop with the Camera!

My mom chased me round untilz I gotz tired and she snapped dis pikture ob me. She tinkz I lukz pwetty kute, I tink I lukz tired!



Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Toys from England!!

Our fwiendz fwom Engwand thought I waz toy depwived, so wen dey gotz home dey wentz toy shopping for me! Dey sent me two pull toyz, and I wubz bot ob dem, but dis bee one iz my bery favorite! I eben swept wit dis toy under my chin one nite.

Tank yu Paul n Twacey!!

Wubz, Cassie