Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Tree??

There is a TREE in my house. Mommie put this thing in the corner ob de libing woom dis morning. I iz not sure at all bout dis ting. So farz I am gwowling and staring at dis ting. I hab neber herd ob such a ting--a tree in our house? Dere are lites and oder shiney tings on dis tree, too, and mommie sayz dere is one bery speshul ornament on dis tree, because it's ME! She won an ornament wit a bwack bwindle cairn hand painted on it, so naturally it'z gotta be on our tree.



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Murphy said...


Me was like you last year when me Mommy putted the Christmas tree up. But it's okay, this just mean Santa Claus is coming soon.