Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fosser Brudder....

Hector iz a pweddee gud kid....he seemz to no hiz pwace in de order ob de howz...I iz corn dawg pwinsess, Hunter iz mi serbant, and Hector is Hunter's serbant! Hector duzn't get in our faces, he pwayz wen we want to, but he also entertainz himselb wen we aren't in de mood to pway! He bawks and howlz ifn de hoomanz leave him wawking uz furst or if dey go to bed in de uder dey moved his cwate into de bedwoom...and he's quiet as a mouse in his cwate den! He'z weally not a wot ob twouble....and he'z gonna make some hoomanz a gwate nu furmily member!