Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 2009 Eberybuddy!

Well,befur we no it, 2009 will be heer.....where or where haz 2008 gone?? So much has happened to everybuddy in the USA and to our familee, tu. We hab added a nu fur kid, my brudder Hunter, to our familee, and mommie and daddie say he's sure bringing out my "inner cairn" whateber dat meens! Den de economee haz hit almost eberyone we no in sum way or anudder....and we pway dat it getz bedder in 2009. Den, der was Hurricane Ike dat paid uz a bizit in September...and dat waz not fun and weally scawy!! We were bwessed not habbing damage to our home, but we did go wifout electricty and wadder for 10 days. Mommie weft uz and went on a cwuise, lebbing uz home wif daddie for a week, tu, and daddie did gud taking care ob uz. We hope daddie can finally offisially retire in 2009, so hoping it'z a gud year for him!

We send happy New Year wishes to all our furriends and their hoomans for 2009!!

Cassie and Hunter

Monday, December 15, 2008

So, mommy is still pwaying wif dat "Picnik" software pwogwam, and here's a cuple ob "pensil dwawings" ob Hunter n mee. Mommy tinks dese a pwetty kool, personally I'll just be happee when dis Woofmas season is dun, den she will kwit posting pikturez ob us wif doze siwwy hats!

If we don't hab a chance to post egin befur Woofmas, we wantz to wish eberyone a safe and Mewwy Woofmas one more time.



Sunday, December 07, 2008

Merry Woofmas Eberyone!

It's hawd to beweib, but it'z almost Woofmas time egin. Hunter and me sure wish mommie had found dis "Picnik" progwam befur she subjekted uz to habbing to wear dat siwwy Santa hat fur our Woofmas cards. Next yeer maybee she will use dis instead, and our Woofmas will be much more merry!

We hope awl our furriendz and der hoomanz hab a safe and Merry Woofmas!


Cassie n Hunter

Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's my 3rd "Gotcha Day" Annifursary Today!

It's hard to bewiebe it, but 3 yeers ago today mommie and daddie picked me up halfway between Dallas and Huston and bwought me home to "fosser" me. Well, I had oder planz in mind, as I tuk off for 30 hours on the run after slipping out ob my harness, and by de time I waz bwought back to warmth and safety, mommie and daddie's hearts were held in my paws and they applied to adopt me right away. So, it's been 3 years of love and learning for all ob us, and we have been a happy little familee, to include eben that new brudder who joined us in May ob dis yeer.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Card Photos......

Mommie decided today's the day to take our Woofmas kard she put that stoopid Santa Claws hat on bof Hunter n me, and snapped foto abter foto abter foto, until she got one ob each ob us dat she said she cud use! Here's a cuple ob fotos dat she ISN'T using ob us!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Tanksgibbing Eberybuddy!

Today is de day dat we awl gib tankz for eberyting dat we hab been bwessed wif during de past yeer....n we hab lotz to be tankful for in owr familee! We hab a nu boi in de howz, Hunter iz a gud widdle brudder fur mi, and he noz hiz job in wife iz to serb diz corn dawg princess ---- meeeeee! We hab owr health n for now enyway, bof mommie and daddie hab jobz. We hab a nise warm home and pwenty ob kibble fur awl ob us, too.

So, heer's hoping awl my palz hab a safe and happy Tanksgibbing!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sweetie is Missing!

Our furriend Vinny, the min pin, has a very old doxie sisder named Sweetie. Sweetie is about 19 years old, and she was a rescue that Vinny's mom found seberal yeerz ego and they have kept her and cared for her. It seemz maybee she was aksidentally lebt owtside when her pawrentz went to wurk on Fwiday and wen dey gotz bak home, Sweetie waz missing. Vinny's familee iz bery sad and upset and dey are luking hawd for der gurl, but so far dey hab not had eny luk. We'd sure appweciate all gud thots and pawyers fur Sweetie to come bak home safely.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mommy's gonna torture Hunter and Me!

I saw mommy going into THAT drawer won wif dat Mrs. Santa Paws owtfit in it. OH NOOOOOOOO, it kan't be dat time ob de yeer alwedy egin! She seyz dat Hunter n mi r going to getz gwoomed and den it's gonna be pikture taking time egin....dat we're gonna be de featured pikturez on most ob de Chwistwoof kards diz yeer. Hunter didn't seem to mind habbing dat Santa hat on hiz hed, but he'z a dumm boi who duzn't know eny bedder...I will tewl him all bowt dis! Mommy is unner de odd impwession dat she'z going to getz a gud pikture ob bof ob us eder in dat hat or a Chrwistwoof kollar! Hahhhhhh!!!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I hadz a birfday!

Dis waz mi 3rd birfday in my fureber home n mi 4th birfday away fwom dat nasty puppy mill. My gudness, it is wooferful being tweeted wike de pwinsess I am insted ob just bweeding stock! Mommie and daddie gab me a speshul bwekfast ob salmon mixed wif my kibble and den I gotz mi most faborite ting in de world...a long walk awound de land, just me and mi daddie! It waz a pawific day.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom weft uz....

and went on a CRUISE to Progweso and Cozumel! She sayz dat dis did "her a world ob gud" just getting away fwom election coberage and economic news and de stress and destwuction of Huwwicane Ike. We missed her, and we know she missed uz, too, cause she called home fwom dat boat tingie to see how we were duing!

Here's some ob her pikturez fwom her twip!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike

So Hurricane Ike paid SE Texas a bisit, and it has changed de fase of dis part ob de world fur a wong time to come. De pawrents wived in Huston when Hurricane Alicia came thru, and it did not cause nearly the damage or cause nearly as much heartache as did this Ike guy. We camped out in a hotel room de nite dat Ike came roaring in a double wide mobile home, de pawrents decided discretion was the better pawt of valour! So, they watched the winds howl and the rain blow from a hotel room window and prayed that we would have a home to come back to. Fortunately (for us) Ike made a bit of a direct northerly track once onshore instead of the projected path, and that 20-30 miles made a world of difference for us. Our home was not damaged, not even the satellite TV dish or the internet dish, but we did come home to no electricity or water since without electricity we have no water with a water well! We were without power and water until yesterday morning....the hoomans were seeming to be more than a bit stressed! Our hearts hurt for every hooman and every pup who lost their homes and/or business....but Texans are a resilient bunch, and we would bet on Galveston and the other devastated areas coming back as good as or better than before.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hunter and Me Now Share the Bed With the Hoomans....Sometimes!!

Sometimes Hunter and me aktually share de bed wif de hoomans dese dayz. We hab learned dat itz fun to cuddle wif each odder on de bed, and dat duzn't nessarilee leve much woom fur de hoomanz in de familee...but datz der pwoblem!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Invasion of the Eenie Weenies!

So the eenie weenies, Smoke and Tess, and their mah-ahm bisited us wast weekend...and we puppers had SO much fun! We played and chased each udder and bar-arked and had a most wonderful time. De hoomans had been a bit conserned about how we'd do, but it all turned out just fine. De time flew by too fast, and Smoke and Tess and mah-ahm went back home. Mah-ahm will be back in a few weeks as she and my mom will be going on a cruise out of Galveston!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Company's A-Coming!

Mommy's been so dog-gone busy this summer at wurk....she hasn't had much time to post here for me and Hunter....but I told it's about time!

We haven't done much real exciting this's so hot outside we haven't even gone to the park again lately. Our walks are much shorter than me and the Hunter would like, too, but the hoomans say we'd get too over heated (I think they mean THEY get over heated).

But, next weekend we are supposed to have some bisitors...Smoke and Tess (mini dachsies) and their mah-ahm are supposed to be here Saturday and Sunday-that is, unless the storm that's brewing in the Carribean pays us a visit then. Mom tells us there are rules for us when Smoke and Tess are here....and we must abide by them, among them are...not everything in the house is ours, we can't bite Smoke and Tess's heads off, we can't mark our house, and on and on and on!! Hmmmmpppphhhhhh!

Mom is planning to take a cruise with Smoke and Tess's mah-ahm the end of September and dad will stay home and dog sit with me and Hunter. So, that gives mom something to look forward to while she's working herself into a frenzy during these summer months!!

Anyway, even though not much is happening, glad I finally got mom to post here!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

We went to Bwazos Bend State Pawk!

De hoomanz tuked uz tu dis bee-uuu-tee-full state pawk wast Sunday. We had de bestest time der, we eben gotz to chase skwirrels. We twied to cwimb de twees abter dem.

We tuk a nise wong wawk around de Horsehu wake and den we picniked wif de hoomanz before we had to come bak home.

It's fun habbing a widdle brudder to du des tings wif!



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hunter and Me

So, since de nu brudder waz weleased fur all aktibitees, de hoomanz desided dat we bof needed a gud gwoom dey sent us to de gwoomer wady at our vet'z obbise. De hoomanz tink we's luking dog-gone gud said dat dey habz two small was hawd to tewl how small we were wif all dat fur!

We weally didn't mind going, eberybuddy at de vet'z obbise wubz us and gibz us wotz ob wubbinz when we're der!

So far habbing a brudder is ok, he knowz I'm de top dawg in dis familee, and dat's a gud ting in my opinion. We wrestle and chase each over and pway until I wear dat boi owt. I pullz him by his eer and nibble at him until he finalee haz enuff and he wuns to the bed and jumpz on it...I can't do that yet!! I almost made it de oder day dough.

Hope eberybuddy haz a gud's HOT here in SE TX already!!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

So I have a brother now!

So, Hunter was released by the vet to run and play and do eberyting a "normal" corn terror can do, and mom and dad let us pway, and BOY did we pway and pway and pway for hours!! This picture was taken that furst day while we were grrrring and pwaying!

Mom and dad and me appwied to adopt Hunter, and we received de appwobal dis morning, so Hunter is going to be my brudder.....dis is a gud ting, as wong as he continues to unnerstand dat I'm de boss here!

He's a sweet boi, dough, and we are going to wubz habing him as a member ob our pack!



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hunter and Me.....

Well, my foster brother Hunter is doing lots better this round of HW treatment. He hasn't been so sick, with the high fever/lack of appetite. In only one week he will be treated for the baby HW's in his bloodstream and then hopefully we can let him out to run and play with me.

I sure like this fewwo, we hope once he can run and pway, we will still wike each uder and maybe mudder and fadder will tink bout dopting him to be a fureber member ob our famlee.

Our wedder has turned to spwing here, it'z been downwight warm heer, we'b eben run the a/c kwite a bit.

Mudder went and bisited some dogster furriends and der hoomanz a couple ob weeks ago, she enjoyed it. I don't wike widing in de car pwus I'm not uzuallee bery comfortable with peeple I don't know, so me and Hunter stayed home wif fadder.

Well, dat's about it for now!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Foster Brudder and Udder Stuff.......

Mudder hazn't been a bery gud sekretawy ob wate.....wotz going on heer at home wif Hunter undergoing his HW tweetment and all the special care needed for our boi n his medication schedule....pwus, 6 dayz abter dat furst tweetment he gotz a feber and wudn't eat, so it waz off to de vet fur him, antibiotics and a steroid shot and home, den he was gud for anudder day, den he wudn't eat n had a feber egin...back to de vet for more antibiotics and anudder shot.....and a nite spent der....and I WEALLY missed him!! By de 9th day abter dat injecton he was doing gud....but he has to spend most ob de time in his cwate---poor widdle fewwo, but we kan't hab doze nasty wormz bweaking up in too big of pieces and going into his heart/wungz/brain and dat wud be de end ob him. Tursday ob dis week he had his 2nd injection, and he spent de nite at dat vet pwace egin.....I was mopey Tursday night and kept wooking where hiz cwate uzually iz....and neder de cwate not my fosser brudder were dere! He'z home az ob wast nite egin, and we hope he duzn't hab az much twubble diz time. He haz to be kept kwiet for anuddner monf, den he's tweated for de baby HW in his blood stwean and we can pwy wif each udder......and mom and dad day if we getz along when we can aktually pway wif each udder, dey mite tink bowt dopting dis boi, dat mite be fun!!

And, my grand-ma's wong-time "friend" (of the male kind) is BERY wooks like in a likelihood to be the big C of the liver....and grandma is habbing a hard time dealing wif mom has had to be devoting a gud amount ob time on de fone tingie wif her and bisiting, a 4 hour dribe one-way!

I am doing gud, mom and dad tink habbing Hunter heer is gweat for mee, I am getting bwaber bowt lotz ob tings, like going outside when de neighbor is on his widing mower!

So, diz pwetty much catchez yu up on wat's been going on wif me!!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thunder and all kinds of things.....

Well, we had big thunderstorms last night. I did my usual hide under the end table thing. Even Hunter, who's not been scared of anything, was sort of trembling a little bit.

And, Hunter is having to get another liver test done on Tuesday. His blood work shows a bit of a high liver enzyme reading, and we've got to get him "normal" before he can be treated for his heartworms.

We love Hunter, and we pray we can get him well and ready for a long and healthy life with a wonderful forever family soon.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Haz Anudder Fosser Brudder.....

and his name is Hunter. He came to stay wif us wast Sunday. He had been in a "kill" shelter in Houston and he was scheduled to be PTS de bery day dat Col Potter came to wescue him. He is a cairn "mix" it seems, pwobably bowt 90 pct cairn, 10 pct who knowz what??? He is bigger dan I am, about 22.5 lbs, wif WONG weggies. He jumped wight owt ob mommie's 36 inch high ex-pen like nothing to it, not once but twice!! So, mommie ordered the "lid" to the ex-pen and it awwived yesterday. Sadly, Hunter haz heartwormz, so he iz going to hab to go through dat tweatment pwocess and he will hab to be kept pwetty still and calm before he is tweated and most sertanly abter it. He is taking doxyclcline twice a day now for 3 weeks before hiz furst tweatment and he is getting neutered on Monday. He is a sweet boy, mommie and daddie alweady weally wove dis guy, and dey are alweady saying maybe he will become a permanent member ob our famlee. We will see how it goez. Hunter is a light wheaton cairn boy, he needs gwooming but mommie and daddie aren't going to stwess him out duing it kwite yet.

Pwease tink gud tots for dis widdle guy as he goez through the neutering on Monday and his heartworm tweatment!