Saturday, May 24, 2008

So I have a brother now!

So, Hunter was released by the vet to run and play and do eberyting a "normal" corn terror can do, and mom and dad let us pway, and BOY did we pway and pway and pway for hours!! This picture was taken that furst day while we were grrrring and pwaying!

Mom and dad and me appwied to adopt Hunter, and we received de appwobal dis morning, so Hunter is going to be my brudder.....dis is a gud ting, as wong as he continues to unnerstand dat I'm de boss here!

He's a sweet boi, dough, and we are going to wubz habing him as a member ob our pack!



1 comment:

Murphy said...

This is a wonderful thing!!!! Me and the Bugs E Doodle is berry berry happy for you two and knows you will have lots and lots of fun together just like we do.

You is right to make sure Hunter knows you is tha boss cause hims will take advantage of you otherwise.

We looks forward to reading about your adventures together.