Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Think I Could Learn to Like Wearing Clothes!!

Happy New Year to eberyone! Hope dat yu had a safe a bwessed one.

Mommy and me bewong to a widdle gwup ob doggies and der hoomans, and dey exchanged Secwet Santa gibts, except dat the hooman who dwew mi name didn't du it! It waz noffing aginst me pewsonally, we tink dat dey are just wude peeple caws dey didn't eben tank de peeple who sent dem DER Secret Santa gibt, eder!!

Enywayz, sum peeple in de grup felt bad caws we gotz stud up, and dey sentz us some Happy New Year Baby prezents, lotz ob goodies and toiz and eben diz bee-uu-tee-ful pink sweater! It fitz me pawfectly, and I lukz so pwetty in in dat der may be more cwothes in my future!!

Tanks so much to bof my Happy New Year Baby fwiends, dat was so kind ob dem, and we will alwayz wemember der kindness!!