Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wut a Week!

Our fosser brudder Hector, now known as Arnie, went to hiz own fureber home last Thursday. We miss him, but he'z gotz a gurreat nu home wiff a mommie and daddie who wurk from home, with a fenced-in yard, a house wiff a doggie door, and a CP sisfur to play wiff. They seem to wub him and sinse he wubz eberyone, we tink he will be happy dere.

Den, it'z been COLD here in SE Texas. Twise in two weekz we've had bwoken pipes by our wadder well, meanz no wunning wadder! Not fun for de hoomanz to say de weast ob it. Yesderday daddie got a company to kome owt and fix de pipes and wepwace de switch on de well and de gauge and we hab wadder egin. Hopefully dis iz de wast ob de wadder pwoblemz.

We're weady for spring here....and fur de next week now it'z sposed to FEEL like spring with temps in the 50's at nite to the 70's in the daytime. Yeahhhh!