Saturday, June 17, 2006


I weally, weally, hatez doze naztee tingies! We hadz tunderstorms all morning into de abternoon here in SE TX, and I hab been hiding eder under de end tabel in de bedwoom or behind de couch in de living woom! It was tundering last nite at dinner time, and I wudn't eben eat mi dinner, and of course, no bweakfast dis morning. But, de weadder bwoke for a bit about an hour ago, and I camez out and ate sum kibble mixed wit mackrel and mommy walked me. Now itz cwouding up agin, and I'z behind dat couch agin. Hopez de weadder getz bedder soon, cause I'z gedding tired ob dis hiding! Lubz, Cassie

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby Rabbits

When daddy wawked me on Tursday i waz on a mission. It waz mi mission to find sum baby rabbits, and I found me a nest of dem. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on whoze opinion it iz!! I got to dat nest and ate a baby wabbit for a snack, and I was only doing wat corn terrors like me du, but daddy was sad and wished he'd reelized wat I was duing and stopped me. Now dat I knowz dat nest is der, I wantz to go back dere ebery time I goez outside. Doez hoomans don't see to unnerstand!