Friday, September 12, 2014

Dogter Visit

So, da Daddy and me tuk a car wide today....first ob all, I dun't wike widing in da car at all, so I wuzn't bery happy wiff dis turn ob ebentz.

Den, we stop, and we're at da dogter's offise!   Daddy takes me inside and makes me wait in dat waiting woom wiff about a million oder pups/kitties.   Den dey call my name, and I gotz taken into da exam woom!   Der, I gotz felt al ober, gotz, weighed (and who DOES dat to a girl and tells how much she weighs), I got shots and some stuff in my nose!  Dey den eben stuck me and tuk all my blood out to be tested for heart wormies and such. 

And, werst ob all, momma told daddy to have them cut my toenails!! 

Anyway, it seems I am healthy, espeshially for an almost 15 year old cairn girl!  Go me!!