Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hunter and Mom Went on a Road Trip

wiffout mee....sense I duzn't much wike widing in de kar ting n I'm not berry komfortable wiff nu pwaces and peeple, I stayed home wiff daddie. Wast weekend Hunter n mom went up to NE TX and bisited our furriends Smoke n Tess and der Mah-ahm and den dey ALL went to Loosiana and bisited anudder fwiend wiff 6 doggies! AND, der dey also met up wiff uder fwiends bisiting Loosiana who wibs in Birginia. Mom seyz Hunter was a gud boi, a gud widdle twabbeller, and he was gud wiff de uder dawgs and peeple. He did gwowl a cuple ob times wen a dawg got into his fase...but it wazn't a sewious mean gwowl...just more ob a 'gwumble" gwowl! Daddie told mommie dat I "moped" while she n Hunter were gone....and I WAS so happee to see them Sunday ebening. Mom's attaching a couple ob pictures fwom wast ob Hunter meeting a BIG furriend, Moses and den anudder pikture or two.



Saturday, September 05, 2009

Human Gramma is Very Sick

She has been diagnosed wif lymphoma...and she had surgery on Tuezday to wemobe a mass...but she'z refuzing to hab chemo or wadiation to fowwow de surgeon wazn't sure why she wanted de surgery eder den. Mommie went to Waco and stayed wif gramma for de surgery and fur a cuple ob dayz abter...and den she weft gramma in de capable handz ob a fwiend who is an LVN (and waz laid off wecently). So, if I dun't hab a chanse to post fur a while...eberyone pwese keep gramma and mommie in your thoughts and yu will also now why we habn't posted.