Sunday, December 07, 2008

Merry Woofmas Eberyone!

It's hawd to beweib, but it'z almost Woofmas time egin. Hunter and me sure wish mommie had found dis "Picnik" progwam befur she subjekted uz to habbing to wear dat siwwy Santa hat fur our Woofmas cards. Next yeer maybee she will use dis instead, and our Woofmas will be much more merry!

We hope awl our furriendz and der hoomanz hab a safe and Merry Woofmas!


Cassie n Hunter


gtyyup said...

That's a lovely pic Cassie!!! But, you and Hunter both look so cute in real santa hats. But I understand your feelings...Cindy Sue & Cowboy feel the same way.

I'll have to check into the Picnik program. We want happy puppies!!!

Merry Christmas to both you and Hunter. (((Hugs)))

Murphy said...

We sure hopes your mommy will share with our mommy what picture program she used cause we don't want to wear them silly hats. Ummm, you guys look cute them however.

Murphy and Bugs

Cassie said...

Murphy, heer's de wink to dat foto editing pwogwam....mommy sayz its weealy eazy and it'z fun, too!

Murphy said...

Tell your Mommy thank you....this just might save me and Bugs from being embarrased!!!