Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's my 3rd "Gotcha Day" Annifursary Today!

It's hard to bewiebe it, but 3 yeers ago today mommie and daddie picked me up halfway between Dallas and Huston and bwought me home to "fosser" me. Well, I had oder planz in mind, as I tuk off for 30 hours on the run after slipping out ob my harness, and by de time I waz bwought back to warmth and safety, mommie and daddie's hearts were held in my paws and they applied to adopt me right away. So, it's been 3 years of love and learning for all ob us, and we have been a happy little familee, to include eben that new brudder who joined us in May ob dis yeer.

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Murphy said...

Cassie, you is lucky just like Bugs was. You found good parents to love you and help you become a good little dog. Then you got lucky and got a brother. We is happy life is good for you now.

Your Pals
Murphy and Bugs