Monday, December 15, 2008

So, mommy is still pwaying wif dat "Picnik" software pwogwam, and here's a cuple ob "pensil dwawings" ob Hunter n mee. Mommy tinks dese a pwetty kool, personally I'll just be happee when dis Woofmas season is dun, den she will kwit posting pikturez ob us wif doze siwwy hats!

If we don't hab a chance to post egin befur Woofmas, we wantz to wish eberyone a safe and Mewwy Woofmas one more time.



1 comment:

gtyyup said...

Cassie, you and Hunter look very cute in your Christmas attire...even when it's not real!

Thank you for the Merry Christmas wishes and we all wish you the same.

Watch the mail...Cindy Sue & Cowboy sent you their card and pic!