Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sweetie is Missing!

Our furriend Vinny, the min pin, has a very old doxie sisder named Sweetie. Sweetie is about 19 years old, and she was a rescue that Vinny's mom found seberal yeerz ego and they have kept her and cared for her. It seemz maybee she was aksidentally lebt owtside when her pawrentz went to wurk on Fwiday and wen dey gotz bak home, Sweetie waz missing. Vinny's familee iz bery sad and upset and dey are luking hawd for der gurl, but so far dey hab not had eny luk. We'd sure appweciate all gud thots and pawyers fur Sweetie to come bak home safely.


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Murphy said...

Oh no, this is berry upseting to hear. We sure hopes Sweetie finds her way home or that her peoples finds her.

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