Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Tanksgibbing Eberybuddy!

Today is de day dat we awl gib tankz for eberyting dat we hab been bwessed wif during de past yeer....n we hab lotz to be tankful for in owr familee! We hab a nu boi in de howz, Hunter iz a gud widdle brudder fur mi, and he noz hiz job in wife iz to serb diz corn dawg princess ---- meeeeee! We hab owr health n for now enyway, bof mommie and daddie hab jobz. We hab a nise warm home and pwenty ob kibble fur awl ob us, too.

So, heer's hoping awl my palz hab a safe and happy Tanksgibbing!

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sista' moonshine said...

Banners says: And make sure you're sitting under the table for turkey sneaks!!!