Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mommy's gonna torture Hunter and Me!

I saw mommy going into THAT drawer won wif dat Mrs. Santa Paws owtfit in it. OH NOOOOOOOO, it kan't be dat time ob de yeer alwedy egin! She seyz dat Hunter n mi r going to getz gwoomed and den it's gonna be pikture taking time egin....dat we're gonna be de featured pikturez on most ob de Chwistwoof kards diz yeer. Hunter didn't seem to mind habbing dat Santa hat on hiz hed, but he'z a dumm boi who duzn't know eny bedder...I will tewl him all bowt dis! Mommy is unner de odd impwession dat she'z going to getz a gud pikture ob bof ob us eder in dat hat or a Chrwistwoof kollar! Hahhhhhh!!!!



Karen J-S said...

Hey thanks Cassie...I needed this reminder to start getting some pics of Cowboy 'n Cindy Sue...LOL...I won't tell them that it was you that gave me the idea...LOL...Hugs sweetie.

Cassie said...

Ohhhhh, PWEEEEEEEZ Miss Karen dun't tewl Cindy Sue n Cowboy dat yu got dis ideea fwom meee! Dey wunt wike Miss Cassie-role eny more ifn dey knowz diz. It will be owr widdle sekret, k?????

sista' moonshine said...

Cassie! Now you done remind my mom that we're going to get dressed up and have to sit until she gets the perfect picture of us. Oh no!!!!

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