Sunday, October 26, 2008

I hadz a birfday!

Dis waz mi 3rd birfday in my fureber home n mi 4th birfday away fwom dat nasty puppy mill. My gudness, it is wooferful being tweeted wike de pwinsess I am insted ob just bweeding stock! Mommie and daddie gab me a speshul bwekfast ob salmon mixed wif my kibble and den I gotz mi most faborite ting in de world...a long walk awound de land, just me and mi daddie! It waz a pawific day.



Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie! We are so glad you have a wonderful furever home! :-)

Murphy said...

Happy birfday Cassie, We is so happy that you is with your peoples and our friend.

Lots of love

Murphy and Bugs E Doodle Esquire

Cassie said...

Tankz fur de happee birfday wishes! I knowz I'm a bery wucky gurl habbing a familee dat wubz me as much as dese hoomanz du! Habbing wooferful furriends who wubz me and wikes keeping up wif my widdle adventurez hepz make my life bery happee!

Cairn hugs,