Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hunter and Me Now Share the Bed With the Hoomans....Sometimes!!

Sometimes Hunter and me aktually share de bed wif de hoomans dese dayz. We hab learned dat itz fun to cuddle wif each odder on de bed, and dat duzn't nessarilee leve much woom fur de hoomanz in de familee...but datz der pwoblem!


Murphy said...

You is lucky cause you is little dogs! Me and tha Bugz can't share tha bed with our peoplez cause we is way to big and then there's tha time when me was about 8 mothz old and waz sleeping with Mommy and tried to bite Daddy when himz came into tha room. Do you think that might have had something to do with it?


Cassie said...

Yes, yuz iz biiiiiigggg dawgs, yur hoomanz pwobwee wudn't hab eny woom on dat bed ifn yu bof swept der. Ohhh, datz wight, I wememberz yu twying to pwotect yur mommy dat time.....dat just might hab sumfing wif yalls not being awwowed on dat bed, tu.

We wikes it, and sumtimes we weally dun't weave much woom for de hoomanz. Cassie-role