Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thunder, Thunder Everywhere!!!!

It's been waining and waining and tundering and tundering almost ebery day for wat seems to be weeks and weeks. I hab my anxiety wrap, and dat heps, but I'm still NOT a happee corn dog. Pwus wif all dis wain I habn't gotten my usual kwota of nice wawkees wif my fadder eder.

I am hiding underneef de end table wile I diktate dis bwop update to mudder.

Hope eberyone has had a gud weekend. Mudder and fadder were home all weekend wif me, and datz alwayz a gud ting.



Murphy said...

Poor Cassie, you should have been with me and the Bugs-a-doodle. We gots to go camping again this weekend in tha house on wheels but it wasn't like tha last trip we had to stay on leashes or a run but it was better than all that rain and thunder you is having.

Murphy and Bugs

Cassie said...

I betz you and de Bugsy hab so much fun camping! Wen my hoomans camp dey use a tent, dat will be bery interesting for me. It is still waining and tundering at weast a part ob almost ebery day--enuff alweady!!

We wubz de pikshures dat yur momma has been posting.