Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bed Time

So we're all in bed tonight.....all four of us puppers are in the hooman's king size bed and the two hoomans are crowded on the edges of the bed while we puppers are really quite comfy indeed!

Most of the time Defi jumps off the bed after the hoomans are asleep so that's a little more room, and sometimes Eddie jumps on and off and on and off with "thumps" as he hits the floor and momma gets frustrated and crates him so she can get her "beauty" sleep!

That leaves me and Hunter, and generally we snuggle up and sleep quietly throughout the night until a hooman moves and wakes us.  Then we grumble and circle and plop back down.

So momma is about to turn out the lights and try to get her "beauty" rest, and we will see how crowded we can make it for her.

Good night everyone!



Zoe said...

ONLY 4 pups in a big ol' king size bed? There's plenty o' room!

Whitley Westie said...