Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cold Then Warm Then Cold Then Warm......

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to MAKE UP HER MIND!   We keep goin from winter to spring to winter to spring!   Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees here, today it was only in the 60's and tomorrow morning it's gonna be in the 30's.

Mom and dad are soooooo ready for spring to come and stay, and we pups are, too.  

Mom's been busy at the pet sitting company with spring break on us, lots of people need sitters and her company is short handed right now!

As for us pups, we're enjoying life in general, keeping dad busy walking us as much as we can get him to go outside with us.

Anyhow, not much exciting happening, just wanted to tell my furriends howlo.



FinleytheWestie said...

You're not kiddin'!! Dis Texas weather has been jumpin' 'round warm, then cool.... and WINDY today! We's just ready fur Spring to be here to STAY!

Whitley Westie said...

Yeah, dis Texas weather are crazy!


Cassie- We are So with you! Crazy weather! Most of the week it was between 48-54 for the high. Yesterday it was only 34 and today it is 23. Those nice days,took alot of snow and made waterholes,slush,
ice and mud! Cattle corrals are nastier everyday! I've been outside everyday this week. We hope Spring is here to stay. Gma and I are so READY!
kisses and hugs,mazy