Saturday, March 29, 2014


Da momma and da daddy are headed up to Centerville, TX in a while to pick up and BRING HOME anudder corn dawg!    Dey say we are fostering him.  Hmmmmm.....fosters like me, Hunter, and Defi hab been known to become members ob da furmily around here when all's said and done.   So, we will see!!

Edmund is a black brindle almost 9 year old corn dawg that is in Camp Lone Star Rescue, a rescue started by the lady who brought ME into mamma and daddy's lives.   His mamma died, his daddy tried to take care of him and his lab sister, but eventually they all moved in with dad's daughter and furmily, and it was determined that Edmund and his sister had to leave with kids and dogs already in the household.    Miss Judy picked both of them up and found a rescue for the lab sister and took Edmund into CLSR!  He had heartworms and has been successfully treated and she says he's a sweet gentleman!!

Well, I have gotten along with all the boy fosters we've had, mama better not bring any other GIRL dawgs in this house though.  Hunter gets along as long as it's not a big dog, and Defi just kinda ignores other dawgs.

So, will letcha know how it goes with Edmund!

Lubz, Cassie-role


Zoe said...

Yep, I betcha Edmund is gonna be yur new furbro. Bol!

Keep us posted on how things go.

Cassie said...

Miss Judy told da momma dat last night an application to adopt Edmund came in e-mail. It's a long way till knowing if dis will be his forever furmily or not though. Reference checks, interview, home visit all have to be done. So far all of us are getting along, even Hunter doesn't seem to mind his being here.

Whitley Westie said...

Hope things go good wif Edmund!

Zaidie said...

Edmund sounds 'dorable an' I r gwad all ob yu r geddin' awong, Cassie! 2 boypups an' 2 gurlpups - sounds gud! BOL :D

Cassie said...

Stwangely enuff, Z-Pup, boff us gerl pups are 14 yeers old and boff dose boy pups are 9 yeers old, too! We all get along good, Edmund is habbing to learn his pwace in line at feeding time dough, and it IS NOT first in line! It just takes momma/daddy saying NO EDMUND and he backs away fwom our bowls, dough.

FinleytheWestie said...

Edmund sounds like a cutie!