Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sooper Bowl Sunday!

It's a day called Sooper Bowl Sunday again!   Unfortunately my hooman's team was sooooooo bad this year they didn't even have a sniff ob a chance to play in this game.  

But Momma is a football fan, so she's gonna watch it anyway and daddy will join her to drink the wine and munch on the cheese and crackers.

All three of us will stare pitifully at the hoomans and hope to score some cheese and crackers, it usually works.

Mom is kinda hoping the Broncos win but then she kinda likes the Seahawks,, may the best team win!

It's nice and warm here this morning, too, in the mid 60's right now, but temps are supposed to get colder as the day goes on and maybe rain too.

This Texas winter yo-yo weather is crazy!

Hope all our furriends have a great Sunday and may the team that y'all are rooting for win!

Cassie the Corn Terror


Zoe said...

Hope you can snag sum of that cheese and snacksies.
Stay warm what efur the crazy weather does.

Whitley Westie said...

Yeah, it are crazy. We's got freezing rain today.

Our team didn't make it either. Grrrr.

Zaidie said...

Hope yu, Defi an' Hunter gedded sum cheez an' cwackers, Cassie!! Dose r taste stuffs, speshully when eated off da fwoor!!

Humphrey Lee Haunted said...

Hi Cassie! *waving paw* Meowmy doesn't watch dah SuPURR Bowl, but we hash heard dat when dah hoomans ish doing dat, it'sh a PURRfect time to swoop down on dah yummy things they spills on dah floor, when dey gets excited during dah game! Yesh, cheese and crackers and liddle sausages and fings - yew hash to be fast, and dey dun even notice because dey ish sho into dah game - so yew won't gets in any trouble - I hopes yew dids that!