Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Eberybuddy!

Well, my sckretary has not taken an entry for me here in a while, so I finely made her sit here wile I write a note! Can yu beweive itz almost Valentine's Day? Wow, time is sure going fast!

It'z been cold here, and we didn't hab heet in dis howz for 5 dayz caws a part bwoke on de heeting system. BBBRRRRR. I kind of wiked do cool howz, but de hoomanz wurn't zo happee!! I zoomed and pwayed and had a gud time.

Hope eberybuddy has a happee Valentine's Day!!


1 comment:

Murphy said...

Hi Cassiedoodle

We likes tha new nickname. You is lucky to have longer fur so you can stay warm when that furnace breaks. Me and Bugs would have to have sweatshirts cause we is real short haired dogs. We is glad your peoples got thems furnace fixed.

Murphy and the Doodlebug.