Sunday, February 18, 2007

De Wedder is Finally Nice for a While!

Well, guess we shudn't komplane here in TX bowt de wedder abter seeing all de weportz fwom our fwiends in CO and OH and MO and NY, but it'z been kind ob cold and wainy heer for wat seemz wike weekz and weekz!!

Enyway, I gotz a nise wong walkie wit my daddy egin yesderday, and wit de niser wedder, der were mice and wabbits owt expworing, too! I had gweat fun chasing dem.

Den dis morning wen mommie tuk me owtside, der was a nice fat wobin wawking along our wawkway! I stared at it, it stared at me, den it wawked away, and I continued my wawkie with mommie. I don't chase burds much, I'm smart enuff to knowz I pwoblee can't katch doez tings, so why bodder??

Anyway, hope eberyone is habing a gud weekend.

Your buddy,

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